3 Things You’ll Need If Emergency Strikes

Do you feel that life today is a little, well, precarious? You wouldn’t be alone. Across America we still face the environmental challenges that have always been in existence, from tornadoes to droughts, from earthquakes to flooding, but for many there are new threats as well, from militant individuals to oppressive government bodies. That’s why it makes sense to always be prepared for an emergency situation, whatever form it may take. Here are three things you’ll need if and when an emergency strikes, and that will keep you and your family safe.

Food Supplies

One of the very basic components a human needs to survive is food, and more pertinently if an emergency situation occurs you need food that can be stored easily and safely for a long period of time. For excellent tips on how to preserve and stockpile food at Mom With Prep, you can view site here, but you should always aim to have enough nutritious food to hand to last at least a month and preferably longer. Dehydrated food can help you do this without taking up excessive amounts of storage space but remember that you’ll need a fresh and reliable water supply as well. Canned food is a great alternative, as it can have a very long shelf life, but you will need to be able to store these items in a secure location.

Electricity Generation

In a natural or civil disaster, electricity systems are often put under great strain, and they can quickly stop working altogether. We rely hugely on electricity in our modern lives, and you’ll need it to power your cell phone as well as to keep radio and television sets running; this can be especially important, as it allows you to keep in touch with the outside world. It can be a good idea to keep wind up radios for this reason, but it’s even better to have your own electricity generation system. Home generators can cost less than you think, and they can prove invaluable when everything else lets you down.

Keep Your Car Prepared at All Times

In an emergency, supplies of automobile fuel are likely to run out very quickly, and you may need to be able to use your car to take you and your family away from the epicenter of an emergency as quickly as possible. That’s why you should always ensure that your car has a full tank of gas in it, and that you have a spare supply in appropriate vessels at home or in a secure place. You should also maintain your vehicle regularly and learn how to carry out essential repairs upon it, so that your car can be relied upon at the time you need it most.

A plentiful and long-lasting supply of food and water, a means to generate your own electricity and a car that will be ready when you need it can be life savers in an emergency situation, but even if that situation never arises, they can still give you enormous peace of mind. Other things to consider include a source of paper money and first aid items. And remember that it’s never too early to be prepared.

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