Big Web Design Mistakes Your Business Is Making Right Now

Every day thousands of new websites are posted on the internet by companies. And every day, thousands of those businesses make the same old blunders time and time again. Don’t let your business to be among them. Here are some webs design errors that your business is probably making and what to do about them.

Poor Navigation

Visitors to your site expect to be able to easily navigate the menus and find what they want. Their experience should be as seamless as possible.

But all too often menu navigation is fraught with problems. The text in the menus may not be concise. The categorisation within menu headings may be misleading. The visual design language might be unfamiliar, even if it is artistic.

The solution is to copy from the best in the industry. Check out the websites of big name brands and Fortune 500 companies to see how they deal with the problem of navigation.

You’re Not Using A Web Designer

Why do companies usually choose a web designer? Because web developers can create websites that customers actually want.

Most small businesses don’t usually have the expertise to develop a fantastic website in-house. And, therefore, they might struggle with all sorts of web design problems. Aside from the menu navigation, they might also struggle with payment system integration. Or they may struggle to devise a visual language that customers understand and associate with their brand.

This is something that web companies like Magento 2 Agency can resolve. Once your business is up and running, it’s almost always better to have professionals develop a website

Page Clutter

When people visit your site, they need a little bit of room to breathe. Dense text is never attractive and needs to be broken up with a bit of white space. You may feel as if you are just wasting precious screen resources. But too much clutter can lead to information overload.

Less clutter also makes your site far easier to navigate, meaning that customers can find what they want with a lot less work.

Avoid Background Music

Have you ever been to a website that automatically starts playing music on your arrival? Did you enjoy it? Or did you find it annoying as hell?

Most of your site users don’t want you to have plug-in music on your website. They’d much rather it worked quickly and efficiently. If you do decide to use music for a certain purpose, make sure that the music track doesn’t change every time a new page is loaded.

Disorganised Content

Your website content determines the amount of traffic to your site. But the amount of repeat traffic you’ll see will be far less than it could be if your content laid out in an organised manner.

One of the worse things you can do is just put a block of text on a page and expect people to read it. Blocks of text just don’t work. They need to be broken up by headings, links, and pictures.

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