Creative Bachelorette Parties Shake It up at Axe Throwing Leagues

Bachelorette parties are always a special event for the future bride, so when you’re planning one, you may be feeling the pressure to make it the best. Are you going to settle for anything but an amazing time that your friends will remember for ages? The first thing you’re going to need is a guest list, and then you’re going to need a plan. When you’re scheduling out the night, consider planning a group-oriented event that will break the ice for everyone. The bride-to-be will always have friends from different social circles who may not all know each other, so try opening the festivities off with a casual event centred around some kind of activity. That way, guests can ease into each other’s company before it’s time to paint the town red.

One of the best new bachelorette party ideas is axe throwing leagues. Their popularity has been soaring across Ontario as unique, one-night group events that can turn anyone into an avid hatchet-head. If you’re not sure whether it’s the right event for the bride-to-be in your life, though, here are some of the plus sides to taking the plunge.

The Ladies Who Throw

Lumberjack competitions are one thing, but today’s sport has always been co-ed since it was introduced to the city. There are no gender-based divisions in tournaments, competitions, or group events, and this is one reason women make up nearly half of all participants. There are no handicaps, everyone plays on an equal ground, and the nature of the sport means no one is at a disadvantage. It’s a game based on precision and technique more than strength or size, meaning anyone who can perfect their follow through can battle it out for the bragging rights.


Let’s be honest, everybody loves the cocktails at BarChef, but if you’re looking to budget your booze consumption, BYOB is always a good idea. Luckily, Toronto’s Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) allows BYOB at all of its facilities across Ontario. There are a couple of rules, such as restrictions on glassware (wine bottles are still okay, just bring plastic cups) and liquor. Don’t get carried away, either; you are, after all, going to be hurling some very sharp objects across the room. Otherwise, it’s a great way to kick off the evening in a casual, relaxed way.

Locations across Toronto

BATL has three locations in Toronto, with its flagship facility in the Port Lands only a quick Uber away from the nightlife on King Street. Another warehouse location in the west end is ideal if you’re planning on hitting the Ossington strip afterward.Meanwhile, North Yorkers will find it’s a quick drive or subway ride to their Yorkdale location.

If you really want to plan something different, a BATL axe throwing bachelorette party won’t miss the target. Be warned: this sport has reached Uncle Tetsu-levels of popularity, so book your group’s reservation sooner than later.

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