Eyewear trends of the future

Whenever you end up watching some film or TV footage from another era, one aspect that always stands out above the rest is how everybody dresses at that time. Differing hairstyles and fashion is no surprise, but these things come and go. One sure telltale sign is when you see somebody wearing glasses from way back when, and see those thick rims, with gigantic frames taking up half the face. Chances are you’ll probably cringe at the thought.

It is no longer necessary to endure such sartorial faux pas just to see better, which is of course good news. Now, though, the trends have gone the other way and there are so many options to choose from when considering what eyewear to opt for. So what are the ins and outs right now?

According to a survey carried out by Forbes, something like 70% of those in the age range 16-24 see eyewear as something of a fashion statement. With so many of this generation also snapping up the latest technology in terms of smartphones and tablets, it is not surprising that eyewear can now be both fashionable and have a technological side to it as well.

In 2014, over a million smart glass units were shifted in the US alone, and this number is expected to grow exponentially. In just a few years, manufacturers are hoping to be offering hundreds of millions of different smart glass products as they vie for pole position in consumer choice. Smart glass offers users both prescription glass and the chance to link it up with their other technology, and offers the potential to film the things you can see, as well as many other exciting aspects.

Costs for this sort of thing are quite high, as they usually are as the first wave of technology develops. With this in mind, many people may well wait until the technology develops to the point where it becomes a must-have accessory.

In the meantime, there are many other, more affordable developments in eyewear. Thanks to the prevalence of online retailers, the typical visit to the optician is starting to change. Digital imaging software is available which allows for frames to be fitted to your face virtually, and also allows you to see through corrected lenses at the same time, so you can actually see what you are looking at!

One of the most popular current trends in eyewear is one you can’t even see. Laser eye corrections are one of those movements that typically spread by word of mouth, as you see that person you’ve known for ages suddenly without glasses, and the word gets around. Many places, such as the Blade Free LASIK surgery in Denver offer free evaluations to explore the possibility of surgery beforehand.

Now we come back to the start, where we talked about those giant frames and the fact that everyone seemed to have the same style. It couldn’t be further from the truth now. You can custom design every aspect of your eyewear, or choose to look like you have none at all. There’s no need to cringe any more.

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