Five Reasons Having An Online Store Is Better Than A Bricks and Motar Shop

Why ask your customers to go through the hassle of getting in the car, driving to a brick and mortar shop, when they can buy quickly and easily online? Online shopping is good for you because it works for them!

  1. Customers can shop in their pants!

Yep, that’s right your customers don’t even have to get dressed, wear shoes or brush their hair to purchase your items with an online shop. Cancelling out the need for a shopping trip can make a customer more likely to impulse buy your products. This is true, especially if the products are bulky as they don’t need to worry about transporting them home.

  1. They can shop anywhere!

Another reason it is better to have an online shop is that your clients will have access to it anywhere. So it doesn’t matter if they can’t get out of the office or they’re stuck at home with a poorly child, they will still have to be able to buy your items. It also means that they can buy when they first get the urge, making it easier for you marketing to convert into hard sales.   

  1. Trying stuff out is so much easier.

If you sell clothes that need to be tried on, providing an online shop is better for your customers. This is because they get a chance to test the product out in comfort and return it if it is not suitable. Clothes that customers are unsure on will be purchased on the understanding that they can be returned if they do not fit. The same goes for home decor and ornaments. Make sure you have a clear return policy for your items so they can be resold, if returned.

  1. It is safe as houses.

There have been significant improvements made in the safety of online shopping recently. Security features like ID verification are used by most of the major online stores now, and you should consider them for your business too. Such features are now easy and super quick for the customer to use.  Now customer ID’s can be verified by giving just a few details like their name, address or a memorable world. This minimises any frustration factor that could hinder a sale.  Remember when people feel that their financial details are safe they are much more likely to make a purchase.  

  1. You customers can compare prices and features of your product instantly.

Another reason that online shopping its king is that customers can compare the prices and features of your product.  You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone making a major purchase like a laptop, who doesn’t research the best price online beforehand.  This can work in your company’s favour as your offers, features and guarantees can be easily seen by them, and compared to your competitors. For this to work you need to track your competitor’s prices and features and ensure that you give them a good run for their money. Some business find offering a price guarantee can help with this.

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