Five Tips For Dealing With an Alcoholic Partner

Alcoholism can have a serious affect on those around the addicted person. If your life partner is an alcoholic, you have a lot on your plate. These tips should make it easier for you to deal with them, and will hopefully improve your relationship whilst getting them some help.

Breathe Deeply

Although your spouse or partner might be the one who needs help, you are suffering as a result of this addiction too. Take deep breaths, and try to calm yourself down. Flying into a rage won’t help, and nor will getting hysterically upset. You’ve probably already been through these tactics, so instead, take care of your own stress levels by trying to stay calm and centred. This will make things easier and less painful as you go forward.

Know The Signs

As a person who cares deeply about your partner, it’s your responsibility to know the signs of their alcoholism. If they start lying, hiding bottles, trying to isolate themselves, or stealing, you’ll know that they are drinking. If you know the signs, you can know whether they are on the wagon or not. This will help you to get them help, but also to support them when they are in recovery.

Get Them Help

It’s very hard to kick addiction alone, so make sure that your partner gets some professional help at a centre like Riverside Clinic. They need the assistance of a team who can wean them off alcohol, help them to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, and teach them coping mechanisms so that they don’t start drinking again when they leave rehab.

Join A Group

Even when your partner is in recovery, it can be very hard to deal with their alcoholism. Particularly when they are still drinking, it could be hugely beneficial for you to join a support group for spouses and partners. The group will give you advice, give you access to resources, and will just be a safe place for you to talk about what you are going through. This is really important while you are trying to cope with things, and will stop you from losing all hope. Of course, you should also encourage your partner to join a group. These meetings will help them to handle their problems, and will give them a sanctuary when they feel like drinking again.

Don’t Judge

Try not to judge your partner, especially not out loud. They have been struggling with their own demons and problems, and now they need your support to get through it. Offering judgement will only make things worse for them. On the other hand, you should also be more impartial when it comes to friends and family. Your partner will want to hide how bad things are; you shouldn’t sugar coat or lie for them. They need to face up to their problems, and pretending they aren’t there won’t help.

When dealing with an alcoholic partner, simply supporting them is not enough. You also need to take care of yourself – and if you don’t, you may end up unable to support them either.

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