Get Your Business Found On The Web: 5 Top Tips

It’s never been more important to have a good web presence, especially given the dominance of smartphones and mobile internet. Any business that doesn’t adhere to this rule can end up being left behind, so make sure that isn’t you!

So, if you’re struggling with your online persona, allow this post to offer you some nuggets of advice. Remember, it’s not rocket science, so start with the basics and go from there!

  1. Build your social media pages

In short, if you aren’t on social media, you’re missing out. It’s an audience that’s estimated to be around 2 billion, which immediately shows you the power of Twitter, Facebook and the like. Most people will search for a company or business on social media pages before they even think of websites.

Having a solid presence on the big three – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – makes it easier for people to find you. For starters, you can get free exposure; one simple retweet can make you visible to hundreds. It’s also free in a different way, as you don’t have to pay for accounts on these sites. Just your internet bill!

  1. Address your website’s SEO

Many believe SEO to be a myth, but this is far from the truth. In actual fact, even the application of a few best practices can see your search rankings take a hefty boost.

You don’t have to be a pro here, but it can help. A lot of businesses will use an outsourced SEO consultant, so consider whether you should do the same. It’s not about stuffing your site with keywords, or adding images left, right and center. It’s about being smart, and focusing on your target audience.

  1. List with Google Business

It’s not really known if web giant Google favors companies that list on Google Business, but it can’t hurt to try right? But what exactly is Google Business, and how does it work?

If you’ve ever searched for a company on Google and are met with an info box that displays reviews, opening times and images, that company has listed. If a customer searches on Google Maps or Google itself, you’ll be able to be found.

What’s more, people can leave reviews for you and upload pictures. It helps people find you more easily, and also makes them more likely to visit. Having a listing makes you look more credible and professional, and that goes a long way in the online space.

  1. Try and find yourself online

If you, right now, had a quick Google search for your company, what would you find? Would you even find yourself at all? If you can’t, it’s evident that you have a problem. Search by using keywords that you’d associate with your business, and if you don’t pop up, something’s not right.

Imagine you were a consumer, looking for the service that your business provides. What exactly would you search for on Google? When you search that exact phrase, what shows up? Doing this little exercise can tell you whether or not you’re focusing on the wrong keywords in your SEO strategy.

  1. Check out your rivals

Doing the exercise mentioned in the previous point can also yield a different result. If you search for your business, and your rivals appear, you have a lot to learn. Examine their website, and see how they structure things. Note down which keywords they rank for; this is indicative of what the average person will search.

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