How to Reduce Anxiety When Studying for a Test

Studying for a test can be a stressful process: you have pressure on you to fit in all your studying within a certain deadline, and of course the pressure to perform well on the test when exam day. You may have a deep-seated fear of being evaluated and not measuring up to your own expectation. Anxiety is likely to surface, but you can keep it at bay and actually thrive while you study with these tips for reducing anxiety when studying for a test.  

Listen to music

Listening to music while you study can help with anxiety. Anxiety can be a nervous student’s worst enemy, especially when there’s a big test or an important grade on the line. Music is show to be able to help with anxiety – even to the same level that a massage might provide relaxation and relief form anxiety.


When you’re studying, don’t forget to breathe. Breathing is a vital function of our day to day life, but it’s rare that we take the deep breaths that really nourish us. When you’re feeling anxious while studying for a test, practice deep breathing. Try this breathing technique: Take a deep breath and hold it for three seconds, then exhale audibly for another three seconds, while letting your head, jaw and shoulders relax. Repeat this practice three times in a row at the top of every hour on high-pressure study days.

Eat and drink healthily

When you’re focused on studying, your health can very easily take a back seat. You neglect your fitness and your eating habits, and may just turn to eating whatever is most easily available. But to help with reducing anxiety, it’s important to put good things into your body and drink plenty of water. Lack of proper hydration, and eating high carbohydrate foods makes your body feel sluggish and slows your mind speed and functioning. Keep a big water bottle close by and commit to drinking 8 ounces of water per hour. And give yourself permission to take a study break and

Try smiling!

There is a strange psychology behind smiling and the biological effect that it has on your body and mood.) One way to try this is with the “pencil in the mouth technique.” When you smile, it releases endorphins in the body, which are the chemicals that make you feel happy. Try holding a pencil between your teeth for a couple minutes so that your facial muscles form a smiling expression. This will send signals to brain that you are happy, and help reduce your anxiety!

Don’t forget to sleep

It’s an easy trap to fall into when you’re studying hard – stay up studying and neglect your normal sleeping schedule. But make a point to prioritize your sleep, and get at least 6 hours per night. Sometimes lack of sleep adds to anxiety and anxiety leads to sleeplessness – when you have an exam coming up, whether it’s through the university of miami final exam schedule or some other school, make sure to log your Z’s!

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