What is a Michelin Star and How Do You Earn One

Michelin Star is the synonym of fine dining. Restaurants around the world dream about earning a star as a proof of good quality food. It’s the status of prestige. It’s like winning an Oscar, which you can also lose! Once you earn a star you need to maintain it, because you may lose it. How to earn one?

What do you see when you think about Michelin Stars? Definitely not a Michelin character from the French tire company? Actually, you should. Do you know who is responsible for today’s restaurant rating system? None other than the Michelin brothers.

The Michelin Guide

The first edition of the guide appeared in 1900. It was given away for free. The contents of the book included the maps, tips on how to change the tire, hotels, restaurants and gas stations. It was a complex road trip guide, which encouraged people to travel. It was also supposed to help in selling more tires!

The Michelin stars were first introduced in 1926. Each star had its meaning. One star meant that it was safe to eat. Two stars meant that if you’re passing by then it’s a place to eat at. Three stars meant that it was worth making some extra miles to eat at a certain restaurant. These days it’s hard to tell what the stars exactly mean. It’s also hard to tell who decides the fate of the chefs and restaurants.

How to earn a Michelin Star

Earning a Michelin Star might be tricky from the start. It operates only in certain regions. It means that the restaurant should be in the area that the guide covers.

Michelin bases on opinions of anonymous critics, who rate the restaurants. They are often referred to as the “inspectors”. You never know when you’re going to host one! First, they need to pass an official Michelin Guide training in France. The reviewers are very passionate about food and pay close attention to detail. They also need to blend in and appear to be an ordinary customer.

To earn a star, you need to be always ready for these special guests. They rate the restaurants based on:

  • the food quality,
  • attention to detail,
  • friendliness of the staff and personality,
  • consistency of the menu,
  • mastery of techniques.

The decision may take several visits at the restaurant.

Michelin Star is a dream come true for many restaurants and chefs. It proves that the restaurant makes a real effort to offer their clients the best experience. It’s not easy to earn a star, so remember to maintain the quality of food and service! It’s very easy to lose the star. This article was created in collaboration with Salt Flakes restaurant – the best French restaurant in London’s Twickenham.

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