It’s Not Too Late To Plan Your 2016 Heli Skiing Trip

Bummed out by the lacklustre skiing season this year? 2016 has been off to a slow start, with record-high temperatures causing a serious lack in ski-able hills.  Maybe you’ve grit your teeth and dealt with it, visiting the same old resorts you always do only to come home disappointed with the powder and your vertical. But why waste what’s left of the winter on the status-quo? It’s time you make the most out of the season and experience heli-skiing.

Far from the status-quo, heli-skiing is anything but a commonplace skiing experience. When you plan your 2016 heli skiing trip, you’re guaranteeing an exhilarating way to ski that doesn’t rely on man-made snow, overcrowded ski runs, and congested chair lift lines. It’s skiing—enplein air. Instead of a hokey, busy resort, you’ll be cutting powder and eating up vertical on the tallest peaks of the Canadian Rockies. Heli-skiing takes you to parts of British Columbia that’s only accessible by helicopter, and only you and your small party of friends will have a ticket to ride.

Once your pilot drops you off, the mountain’s yours to explore and conquer. Before you will be B.C.’s natural beauty—a landscape so breathtaking it will be hard not to snap a selfie before you head off for the best ski of your life. You and your friends will cut through the best virgin snow as you navigate evergreens, free-falls, and rock faces. As you rip through the snow, gasping lungfuls of fresh mountain air, you’ll reach record-high verticals—as high as 43,000 meters in a week-long trip.

Best of all, you won’t be fighting the crowds to hit these record shattering statistics. The best heli-skiing operators limit their excursions to party sizes no bigger than 4. There’s more than enough mountain for just the 4 of you, meaning you’re never following in another skier’s tracks or having to swerve out of your way to miss someone.

At the end of your ski, at the bottom of the mountains, you’ll be greeted with luxury. Hopefully you already have your fxr jacket but if not, you can definitely find a lot of great warm coats in stores around town. Boutique lodges with great food and full amenities await you so you can rest up for your next day in the Rockies. Word of warning—it might be hard to fall asleep on your first night because you’ll be so excited about your next day of skiing. But don’t just trust this article. Book your own trip to B.C. this year to experience the thrill of heli-skiing yourself.

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