Travel South Africa As A Volunteer

The Golden Rule states that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s a beautiful message to live by. Many plunge themselves into the opportunity to make a difference in the world. They give back, they treat others with kindness, and they volunteer.

One of the most exciting and meaningful ways to volunteer is to do so abroad. Traveling as a South Africa volunteer allows individuals to be more than mere tourists. They can immerse themselves fully into the culture. They can learn about the people of South Africa by living among them and aiding them in their everyday lives. This is particularly true when working with orphans, of which there are 3.7 million in South Africa alone. While the details of your daily life with these orphans will change day to day, you’ll be providing love, care, and attention that these children so desperately need.

As a working vacation, South Africa volunteers can choose where they work, which will then determine where they sleep, where they have their meals, and what places they can visit. Along with orphans, volunteers can work with game capturers or a variety of animals. There are only 4800 black rhinos in the wild. Visitors can nurse orphaned rhinos (whose mothers were killed by poachers) to help keep the species strong. They can also observe great white sharks or work with big cats, rescued owls, sea turtles, or horses on safari. There are so many opportunities. There’s specialized South Africa volunteer programs for each unique interest – each one vital to the country and waiting for travellers who want to combine their passion for tourism with compassion for the planet.

While volunteering abroad is not free, it is very inexpensive. Volunteers pay one low travel fee that includes the cost of accommodations, meals, transportation within Africa, and any day trips. Likewise, volunteer projects are extremely safe because they are supervised by professionals. Though temporary volunteers go through orientation, they are not expected to work on their own. Volunteering is flexible for a variety of skill-levels and abilities as well. Adults as young as 18 can volunteer, but retirees are welcome as well. No matter how young or old someone is, they will make lifelong memories by volunteering in South Africa.

One of the chief reasons traveling as a volunteer is great for everyone is that it doesn’t require a long-term commitment. Individuals can stay for one week or for up to 12. They can apply once or can return again and again. Whatever the tourist chooses, he or she will have a unique experience that will never be forgotten. More importantly, they can practice the Golden Rule of giving back.

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