Unbelievably Simple Ways To Convert Your Traffic Into Sales

Every good website has plenty of traffic. But, a great website converts that traffic into sales. Most sites that you come across don’t have this feature as they think the war is over when they have lots of traffic. The truth is that traffic is a vital component of any site, especially if you want to maximise advertising. But, you have to turn your traffic into something solid if you want to expand your business and grow. For those of you that haven’t got the first clue, here are a few simple and effective tips.

Go For The Professional Expert

Before you roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, you can hire an agency that will take care of this issue for you. Every agency on the internet specialises in conversion rate optimisation as it is that important. With their help and expertise, you won’t have to worry about getting results. As long as you choose wisely, the results will come flooding faster than you can blink.

Reduce Waiting Times

There is nothing more annoying than a page that takes ages to load. Customers hate it because they hate waiting to complete a process that should take minutes at the most. In fact, they hate it that much that they end up going elsewhere to a site that doesn’t take as much time. Problems like this are damaging, but they are also avoidable. All you have to do is check the loading speed and try and make it quicker. It is very simple, and it doesn’t cost much to make it happen.

Make It Easy To Go To The Checkout

Even with the internet, there are people that don’t want to part with their money. They will umm and ahh over the process until they decide it isn’t worth the bother. It is your job, therefore, to make it worth their while. Instead of waiting for them to make a decision, make it for them with a few strategic links. The most effective is the ‘proceed to checkout’ button. The more they see this button, the more they will consider making a purchase. Shoppers are like animals – they don’t like to waste energy. Whatever you do, don’t fill every blank space with the link. Put the link on every page, but don’t make it tacky.

Make The Sign-Up Process Easier

Converting traffic into sales isn’t just about making a sale. Sales are the Holy Grail, but you also have to play the long game if you want to maximise your profits. That is why a conversion can take many different forms, like registering to the site. A person that registers is a conversion because they are loyal to the brand. And loyal customers tend to spend the most money. To get more registrations, though, you have to make the process easier. Just like waiting for a page to load, they don’t like having to sift through boxes of information. They would rather type as few details as possible and click ‘register’.

Making a sale doesn’t have to be hard work. As you can see from the above, they are all pretty basic.

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