A Unique Party Event For Your Next Company Outing

If you are looking to plan a party or host an event in Toronto, Bad Axe Throwing has you covered. Regardless of your age, skill or fitness level, their professionally trained axe throwing coaches teach you how to throw an axe for a fun, exciting & memorable experience.

Bad Axe Throwing specializes in hosting events for birthday parties, special occasions like bachelor parties, and corporate events. The company was founded in Canada in the fall of 2014. They have expanded across Canada and the U.S with a total of 11 locations, Toronto being one of their biggest and most popular location.

Bad Axe Throwing offers an alternative to the traditional corporate functions and team building events. Their team will provide a brief orientation including safety and the rules followed by a demonstration on how to properly throw an axe.  Once orientation and training is complete, guests get to test their skills with a practice rounds and a friendly round robin tournament.

Their professional axe throwing coaches supervise the entire event and provide tips to everyone so they can ensure everyone gets to hit the target and stick the axe.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks so they can eat, drink and be burly while learning to throw an axe like a lumberjack. There’s no extra charges for catering in food from your favourite restaurant or pizza joint.

Axe throwing has become very popular, particularly in Toronto, which has led to the company being ranked # 1 for fun and games by TripAdvisor.

If you’re looking to have axe throwing become your new hobby, Bad Axe Throwing also runs leagues that run for eight weeks.  With practice throws and warm up during the first week, members get familiar with how the league format works. Unlike other sports or leagues people enter, you don’t have to worry about buying any equipment as all equipment is supplied to you.

If you are looking to host a fun and unique event, and live in the Toronto area (or any of their other 10 locations), give Bad Axe throwing Toronto a call and find out why they are rated #1 in fun and games by TripAdvisor.  

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