5 Blue Collar Businesses That Can Earn You A Fortune

When you look at a lot of business and career blogs these days, everything is pretty much geared towards working in digital and online. It’s a growing industry, for sure, and one that could prove lucrative for savvy people.

However, the rise in startups and SMEs means there are lots more opportunities in other vital industries. So, if you are good with your hands and are prepared to get them dirty, why not go down the blue collar route and set up a skilled trade business?

Because of demand, it could net you a small fortune. Here are five examples of blue collar businesses you can earn a fantastic living from.

Electrical Repairs

Starting out as a domestic electrician business will earn you a nice income when you start building up your clients. But developing your skills in particular areas can lead to riches that most people would dream of. Look into electrical workers at powerhouses and substations and you will find salaries closing in on six-figure sums. Big jobs pay well, too. Everything from shopping mall development to concert and festival venues rely on electricity. There has to be someone there to install, fix, and maintain all these electrical systems. Find yourself work in these environments and your business bank manager will be over the moon.


Starting a simple landscaping business is another nice way to earn a living – although some might argue less so during the winter! However, once you get started, there is plenty of opportunity to for your business to make a lot of money. With people leading increasingly busy lives, they just don’t have time for gardening and landscaping. And, that gives you plenty of potential to turn a profit. Your best bet is to take a landscaping course to underline your credentials. You can then work for a year or so, building up a range of clients. Once you find your business growing, hire in other landscapers and gardeners to share the burden of work. It’s quite feasible that your business will grow at a fantastic rate if you are good enough. You should also start targeting wealthier areas in your locale. The bigger the gardens, the more work there will be for your company.


Welding is another dangerous business – particularly if you want to earn a lot of money. You will need a couple of years training to get started. There are many different types of welding businesses, and each skill you learn will open up new avenues. Investment in equipment is also essential. If you want to start getting the high-paying contracts, you will need to start getting used to wielding tools that all require more training. You might be using MIG welders from Lincoln Electric one day and incredibly dangerous welding tools on a farm the next. For those who are brave, look into underwater welding certification. The work will not only earn your business a fortune but can also take you around the world. You might work on oil tankers, boats, and in deep sea environments. However, bear in mind that underwater welding is known as one of the most dangerous tasks in the world.


The building industry has always been a great way for blue collar workers to earn a decent living. It’s accessible for entrepreneurs, too. You can start as a laborer, become an apprentice, and learn as you are on the job. Once you are set and understand the basics, why not start your own building company? There is a broad range of work available on construction sites, from bricklaying to roofing. But if you want to excel, owning a construction business is the way to go. It is a long road to take if you’re starting from scratch. But, with some savvy marketing and a desire to work hard, there’s no reason why your construction firm shouldn’t enjoy success.

Elevator Repairs

This business type’s appearance might be a surprise to some. However, when you have a think about it, the fact that elevator repairers are in so much demand makes a lot of sense. Major cities struggle for space, and it means when new buildings go up, they go ‘up’. The more cities reach for the sky, the less likely it is that people will use the stairs! Almost every new facility in a busy city needs an elevator – and, therefore, people to install, maintain, and repair them. Given the average salary of an elevator repairer is $75,000, if you start a business, you can see it could be highly profitable.

So, there you have it – five well paid blue collar jobs that might interest you if you fancy a career change! If you are good with your hands, and don’t mind taking on dangerous challenges, there is a lot on offer. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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