5 Easy Tips For A Top Business Website

In today’s internet driven society, your website is arguably the most important component of your whole company. This is especially true if you sell a product or service from the web, and your site will be the hub around which your whole operation revolves.

It doesn’t cost much to run a quality site either, and you can be up and running in no time. With this in mind, the following post will rattle off five quick tips that you need to bear in mind if you want a killer business site.

Attach a blog to your website

On the web, you’re trying to attract numerous different groups of people. There are the people that want to buy your product, and will boot up Google with the sole intent of searching for it. And then, there are the people who scour the web for blog posts and articles, in order to uncover valuable tidbits of advice.

To get that second group of people to visit your site, you have to draw them in. They may not be interested in what you’re selling, but if you get them reading your posts and embed a product link at the bottom… bam. You’ll diversify your appeal, and that’s key.

Help it stand out from the competition

Every business has a website. What makes yours so special? It can be hard to draw the eye of the consumer, especially when there’s so much content on the web. So, you absolutely must get creative. Using the same CMS and tools as everyone else will just make your site blend in with the rest. You have to build one that feels custom made for your company, and one that is undoubtedly yours.

If you want a more specially designed site, a company such as Perth Web Design can offer you a custom one. Many business owners will flock to WordPress, or Weebly, because they’re extremely common. But they’re common because they’re limited in ability, making them easy to use. In order to design a site that truly represents your brand and stands out from the rest, you’ll have to build it around your company.

Don’t stuff with terms

If, for example, I ran a VR site, then a big no-no sentence would be:

“My site has all the latest VR information and VR advice, for VR devices from 2016 and the latest VR gadgets coming up in future.”

What’s wrong with that? Too many keywords. It makes the content look amateur, poorly written and will turn people away. Consumers can smell when a company is purely in it for a quick buck, and this is the best way to let them know you don’t value the integrity of your site.

Make sure people can’t get stuck on one page

We’ve all been there, desperately scrambling to search for a ‘back’ or ‘home’ button. Some sites shamefully neglect to include these functions across every page of their site. It’s annoying, and will turn people away, for good. Any great site relies on solid navigation, and yours is no different.

Always include contact details

What if people want to locate you in person, to discuss a business deal? What if they can’t find you? Deal off. Make sure you include an address, number and email for people to get in touch with you on. Not everyone likes to talk over the internet!

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