6 Adrenaline Fuelled Activities in Sydney

A visit to Sydney is always going to be spectacular, but there’s a way to make it even more unforgettable. Turn up the adrenaline, and you’re going to remember this trip forever! Choose any one of the activities on this list to get your heart racing – and go for all six during your visit if you dare.

Whale Watching in Darling Harbour

This might not be what you would have expected from a list of adrenaline-fuelled activities, but that’s probably because you have never experienced it before. Trust us – when you are on the deck of a boat and you see a whale breach right in front of you, it suddenly feels like the boat is very, very small and the whale is very, very big. The wonders of nature really can get your heart racing, and it’s a chance to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat just a short sail from the city.

You can expect to see the magnificent Humpback Whales migrating north from May through to August. From July through to September you’ll have a chance to spot the elusive Southern Right Whales.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

There are only two major bridges in the world that you can legally climb, and this is one of them. Strap on a harness and get going! It takes hours to reach the very top, or you can wuss out and go for a mini climb that only takes you halfway. Want to pump up the adrenaline even more? You can try the bridge climb at night. Yes, that’s right – climbing up the side of a bridge in darkness, with the river below you. Sound exciting enough? Make sure that you get a place to stay nearby so you don’t have to navigate the city after dark as well.

Racing at Sydney Motorsport Park

Want to try a few hot laps for yourself? Get behind the wheel of a race car at this motorsport park and turn yourself into Lewis Hamilton (or Daniel Ricciardo) for the day. The Sydney Motorsport Park has several different circuits for different types of vehicles, so you can choose the experience that suits you the best. Your adrenaline levels will go through the roof when the professional gets behind the wheel to take you for a few laps. They won’t hold back so choose wisely. Step into some of the fastest vehicles on earth. Will it be a V8 supercar or Ferrari?

Helicopter Flight

What’s the best way to take in all of the iconic views of Sydney at once? From the air, you can see them all in one glance. Strap yourself in to a helicopter seat for a scenic flight which will take you high above the city, looking down on the harbour and all of the places you’ll want to visit during your trip.

Different routes include heading north past Manly and Curl Curl seeing some of the best beaches Australia has to offer, or head towards the heritage listed Blue Mountains. There’s nothing like seeing the city from above though, and you’ll get a real buzz from looking out from so high up.

Indoor Skydiving

What about taking to the air yourself? Experience how it feels with indoor skydiving, a fantastic set-up that suspends you in superpowered jets of air until you neither fall nor rise. It feels completely crazy at first, but you’ll seriously enjoy the sensation. If you’re feeling brave enough, there’s also real skydiving to try over the city…

SKYWALK at Sydney Tower Eye

Finally, here’s one that you might not enjoy if you have a fear of heights. The SKYWALK is literally that – a glass panelled walkway which takes you right over the city and allows you to look down below your feet. The Sydney Tower Eye is Sydney’s tallest building at a whopping 309m, are you brave enough to stand on the edge?

You’ll be out in the open air, giving you the impression of floating in the sky. There’s nothing else like it. Not only will you stand 268 metres above the streets, but you will also get an excellent guided tour which points out all of the monuments you can see from your vantage point. The detailed 45-minute tour means you will get lots of time to enjoy what you see, as well as adjusting to the spine-gripping fear that comes with looking down from such a height! With safety measures in place there’s no chance of an accident, but it gets that fight-or-flight response going strong.

These activities will get your heart pumping in Sydney. When you need to calm down, there’s always the beach to enjoy – or a nice relaxed stroll through the Botanical Gardens, but that’s not as fun!

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