7 Benefits of 3D Printing for Small Businesses

3D printing or also known as additive manufacturing is receiving a lot of attention in product development. It has been adopted by many big corporations and even small businesses for their prototyping methods.

We will discuss in this article more about the benefits of 3D printing for small businesses for their rapid prototyping and why should you consider this as well for your own business.

  • Quick Production – with the help of 3D printing, ideas are produced in an instant after it was designed. Imagine the fast turnaround from designing to the prototype production. Designers and small businesses can present their ideas to their clients without having to wait for a long production.
  • Cheaper cost – you know how expensive those prototyping injection mold tools as well as the product costs are. If you were just starting with your business then it would be difficult to come up with these tools. But with 3D printing, you will be able to come up with your prototype production without having to spend too much. The 3D printing allows the creation of parts or tools through additive manufacturing which is far less cheap than traditional printing machines.
  • Better quality –we cannot deny the fact that the quality of 3D printing is definitely good. The audience will appreciate to see the product in 3D form, giving them more idea and feel to it.
  • Ability to produce new shapes and structures – traditional printing have limitations especially when it comes to various shapes and structures. Mostly, the products produced are in 2D only. However, with the improvements in additive manufacturing, printing various shapes becomes very easy. You can now print challenging shapes and figures like squares or even holes that change direction. The imagination of the designers is not limited now that we have 3D printers.
  • Clear communication – another advantage of 3D printing is the ability to communicate the ideas very clearly. With 3D prototype printing, you will be able to communicate your ideas better. You will be able to show how your ideas would look like and feel like in front of your clients or investors. They do not need to work on their own imagination since you can show it in front of their very own eyes.
  • Customisation – of course, as an artist, you would want to customise your works. There may be some customisation that cannot be done with the use of traditional printing that you can now do with 3D printing.
  • Environmentally friendly – lastly, you should know that 3D printing is emerging as an energy-efficient technology that can work well without harming the environment. It creates less waste and imposes a reduced carbon footprint unlike with traditional manufacturing products and production.

With all these benefits, it is not surprising how small businesses and even independent artists are starting to use this method for their prototyping stages. New technology has indeed come a long way and it is just right that we take an open mind and consider these things to improve the quality of our work.

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