A Ski Trip To Remember

Are you tired of experiencing the same old thing every time you go on a ski holiday? If you’re sick of fighting the crowds for overrun snow and returning back to chalets teeming with other guests, you should consider the better alternative.

Skiing with helicopters will recharge your love of skiing, as it won’t deliver just the ‘same old’ experience. Fly to an exclusive peak of the Rocky Mountains to ski amongst the beautiful, untouched British Columbia landscape. The thrill of heli-skiing creates powerful memories with family and friends, and it will surely be an adventure to remember!

In a city like Revelstoke, British Columbia, some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes await you. In the basin below the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Revelstoke is only a short helicopter ride away from remote peaks and uncut snow, where you’ll experience skiing the way the sport was meant to be experienced. Surrounded by beautiful powder, luscious evergreens, and never ending vistas of mountains, you and your crew won’t get tired of a short run. Instead, you’ll be exhilarated by the surrounding view and the speed with which you can race through them.

Before you go on your trip, you’ll want to pick up some specific gear. Unlike your ski trips to resorts, you’ll be out in the wilderness where exposure is a real threat. Warm, wicking layers are essential to keeping warm in the cold Canadian climate, over which your typical ski suit will cover. Gauntlet gloves, hats, and ski socks are also critical pieces of clothing that will keep you warm. While you worry about your equipment, most heli-skiing operators will rent out skis, boots, and poles designed for powder skiing.

When you’re properly prepared to ski at top speeds, then you’re ready to have an adventure that will take your friendship to a whole other level. One of the main advantages heli-skiing has over its competitors is that it provides a private way of skiing. To ensure that your holiday is as exclusive as it gets, the operator you choose shouldn’t take more than 4 people up to the mountain a time. Any more than that and you might as well go to a resort. But not all heli-skiing operators in British Columbia believe in that model, so be sure to investigate the operators’ websites fully before you confirm your trip.

When you spend time searching their pages, then you’ll understand exactly what they can offer you. Like at Canadianheli-skiing.com/our-story you can read about how the small group sizes are so important to some heli-skiing operators and how offering the best experience is more important than having a big experience.

When you reserve with the best, endless mountain terrain and skiable valleys await you. There is an abundance of snow that lays untouched, ready for you and your small group to cut paths through. So avoid the ski resort fatigue brought on by overcrowded hills and boring chalets. Book a heli-skiing holiday for a trip to remember.

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