Apps You Need To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Think fast – you’ve just heard the news that people are turning into zombies, no one can tell you why or how. What’s your first move? How are you going to access the best place to set up a base camp, with the important attributes of high walls, limited entrances, local to a food source and in a remote location away from the populated areas?

Have you also thought about the best weapon to defend yourself? Or who would be in your gang and why? Is one a doctor? Engineer? These are just a few of many things you’ll need to be prepared for before the dreaded zombie apocalypse hits!

Well thankfully in our technology dominant world, we rely on our trusty smartphone to get us from A to B and to organise our daily lives. In an apocalyptic world, your smartphone and certain apps will help act as a multi-tool containing all relevant information to help you and humanity survive against the zombies! 

In celebration of World Zombie Awareness Month, mobile app developers have created an infographic on the best mobile apps you would need to survive a zombie apocalypse.

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