Create A Welcoming Workplace By Redecorating

If your workplace is starting to feel dull and dreary, it could be time for a complete redecoration. Many studies have shown that a nicer looking office makes employees more productive. Depending on where you are, you may not be able to give your employees a scenic view. However, there are more than enough simple things you can change inside to make a more pleasant working environment.

New Office Furniture

Office furniture can make a big difference to productivity. The first thing you’ll want to change is desks and chairs. Working in an office involves sitting in a chair at a desk all day. Therefore, you’ll want the most comfortable chairs and desks with plenty of workspace.

Ergonomic office chairs are the best way to go, as these can be adjusted to reduce back pain and add extra comfort. Desks will need space for a computer, supplies and extra space for any personal pictures or ornaments. Plenty of drawer space is also a plus.

Some studies say standing desks can improve health and productivity. Adjustable sit-stand desks can give employees the option to work however they want. Also consider where desks are located- many employees would prefer to be by a window as opposed to in a labyrinth of cubicles.

Another thing to consider adding is a water cooler. Water coolers are considered an office staple. Adding one can keep your employees well-hydrated and productive. As an alternative, consider a water dispenser or fountain.

Commercial Grade Hardware

If you want your business to look professional, you’ll want commercial grade hardware. Having high-quality hardware on your doors can make them stronger and more secure. It also gives your office a cleaner, more professional look.

You should deck office doors out with commercial door knobs. Also invest in deadbolts or locking door handles for any rooms that need to be secured. You should also ensure you have exit bars fitted on your emergency exits. You can even go a step further and get magnet-operated doors.

Installing new hardware such as hinges can also be a good excuse to get rid of anything creaky or rusty. You can also get various locks for different levels of security, including number access locks.

Paint And Decor

A new lick of paint can be a big upgrade. The beige-coloured walls of traditional offices put many employees off, and a little more colour can be much more welcoming. This infographic shows how different colours can affect productivity.

Adding some decor can also be an improvement. Some offices choose to post motivational posters on the walls as opposed to boring old office information sheets. Plants can also provide some nice smells, as well as some extra oxygen.

Focus on all areas. Upgrade the meeting room and bathrooms as well as the workspaces.

Need some inspiration? You can find some great office decoration ideas on Pinterest. Decorating your office is a good opportunity to make it into something that reflects the company’s personality. Make it into a workplace that people will enjoy coming to every morning.

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