Effective Ways of Coping with Heavy Periods

As a woman, you already have the whole world on your plate; looking after your family, being a support to friends, and trying to work your hardest to excel in your career. On top of all of this responsibility, having to deal with a heavy period every month can be horrible, not to mention unnecessary business. It comes at the same time every month, causes us pain and discomfort, leaving us powerless in fighting it. It need not be the way, however, as some good research can put us on the way to understanding our bodies and making well informed, medical decisions that will benefit us in the long run.

Getting your facts straight

The first thing you need to do to help your heavy period is to understand the many the reasons why your period could be heavier than others.  Whether your pain is caused by a pre-existing medical condition or even the birth control you are on, by pinpointing the specific cause of your pain will give you valuable insight into how to treat it.

Don’t do yourself down

Alongside knowing the cause, you also need to remember not to downplay your pain or push it to one side thinking that someone else has it worse. Severe period pain is a truly debilitating condition to have to endure, which has the capacity to upset our workflow and handle on life and make you feel powerless. By acknowledging the pain and its severity, you will be doing yourself a huge favor in the long run.

Natural remedy

When treating this affliction, there are simple measures you can take yourself to start diminishing the pain. These can be as simple as changing up your diet to make sure you get some more magnesium, which is proven to help cramps or using a hot water bottle to apply heat to your pained area. Simple methods like this will help treat the initial, outward symptoms and provide you with a little more comfort but even with these methods, it’s so important to keep an eye on your pain so you can make the judgment of when you need more help to cope.

Seeking professional help

Sometimes you need to take a step back, a deep breath, and recognise that you need some professional help. This isn’t always the easiest of tasks but realizing you need something more to cope with your pain is always a good thing. An effective solution to severe period pain is Endometrial Ablation Surgery, where hot water is circulated around the uterus in a simple outpatient procedure that can reduce, if not entirely stop, heavy menstrual flow. This treatment should be performed by a reputable specialist, such as David Ghozland, for the operation to have its highest chances of success for you.

Heavy period flow and high menstrual pain are incredibly difficult things to go through, but by realizing this and taking the appropriate measures to help cope with this monthly blight will you through to the other side and a life free from pain.

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