Effective Ways to Get Employee Feedback Online

Anyone that owns a business knows just how important employee feedback is, which is why a lot of businesses do their best to ensure their employees have the ability to provide feedback about their job and workplace.

The feedback businesses receive from their employees allow them to know what they are doing right and the weak areas that need to be addresses. The businesses in turn use the feedback to improve their employees experiences, which helps the business run smoother and increase their client base.  This differs from 360 degree feedback online which involves providing anonymous pier reviews by other colleagues or managers.

If you are in marketing or own a business, here are a few tips on effective ways to get employee feedback online.

The first thing you need to do when trying to collect employee feedback is to make sure you explain why you need their feedback. To do so, you should outline the process and desired outcome to help you gather useful data that can help your business.


According to experts, email is without a doubt the best way to get candid feedback from employees. The only problem people have with email is the response time isn’t very quick in a lot of situations.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of email feedback, you should:

  • Assure employees that they will receive a speedy response.
  • Create an organized response system.
  • Follow up on the emails promptly.

If you are wondering why the speed of your response is important, a research team in the United Kingdom found that 43 percent of people surveyed said they don’t bother leaving feedback because they don’t think the business cares.

81 percent of those surveyed said they would be willing to leave feedback if they were to receive a fast response.

By ignoring the 43 percent that don’t want to leave feedback, a business is not actively catering to the needs of almost half of their employees, which means they won’t be able to address any concerns those workers have. This is why having a quick email response is important.

Have a 24 Hour Compliance Team

A compliance team allows employees to speak to a business rep about any concerns or questions they have.

Having live chat compliance representatives at your business allows you to get closer to your employees by understanding their needs and challenges. It also helps you to identify patterns if you have any recurring issues.

Another good thing about compliance is you can get feedback from employees you have helped, which makes it easier to rate the effectiveness of your staff.

Social Media

Social media is great tool in business because it allows you to communicate with your employees and inform them of recent news or updates. However, in-house social media is also a great way to get employee feedback because  they can leave feedback or take part in surveys.

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