Evolution of Advanced Learning in the 21st Century

In current workplace, the flow of work has become much more automated than it used to be a decade back. The use of mobile computing, combined with cloud computing and programs that are connected to sophisticated computer servers located in a different geographical location, need a prudent understanding of efficient business processes. Here, both the employee and the employer, need to invest in human capital development, for a sustainable effect on learning and development. Much of the service can now be outsourced to GP Strategies in order to help gain a sustainable edge. Moreover, Human resource departments should be aligned with Information technology department in how can deployment of new technology can be learned at the fastest pace for better retention.

Use of Video Conferencing

With high-speed internet, businesses have started to provide the same level of training to their employees across borders. Many use the concept of using global resources for local training to share real life experiences via video link and training sessions. The current technology trends also involve the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality features to help keep employees connected.

Use of Data Analytics

Many investment banks and financial institutions test their employees in real life situations by using mobile computing and software programs. The use of data analytics then helps understand the learning curve of each employee, where they might require more training and focus, or if they are well suited for a task that is highly specialized. Financial Institutions, Medical practitioners, Engineering complexes and many media production houses use this technique to help train employees to manage real life situations in real time. It helps foster learning and growth while on job, using techniques that can be beneficial in complex situations.

Tips for Employers

· Ask employees to gain new skills using Massive Open Online Courses.

· Invest in an internal skills development database every employee can access.

· Routinely ask employees to engage in Self-teaching sessions using mentoring programs.

· Reward learning of mobile platforms and cloud computing with a small appreciation or monetary raise.

· Rotate employees to new jobs to help enhance and learn new skills.

Outsource to a Well-Established Learning Provider

There is various industry leading learning and training providers give who expert advice on how employees can be taught about their workspace using cutting edge technology. Much of the training needs can be outsourced to them, and an employer can monitor the progress through reports that are automated and give a snapshot of every employee undergoing training and learning.


Businesses should invest in a technological infrastructure that is easy to learn and allows ample space for employees to learn new skills easily through internal databases. Learning in the twenty-first century is automated and something that no one should be left behind at.

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