Follow The 3 ‘P’s To Find Your Newest Laptop

The slow start-up time, the lags, the outright freezing – the signs are all there and easy to read. Knowing you need a new computer is the simple part. The hard part is knowing what type of notebook your business needs. To get your search off to a great start, you have to consider the three ‘P’s (price, performance, and portability) and compare them to your line of work. Above all else, it has to be easy to use and reliable.

In terms of performance, take a look at the operating system (OS) behind any laptop. The OS should be expansive enough to support all of your various needs while offering dependable, responsive, and secure performance. This will ensure your new notebook doesn’t break down like your old one does. In the same vein, you need comprehensive security to guarantee your new computer doesn’t let you down like your older model. When it comes to your business, protecting your data is a top priority. At the very least, your new laptop should have defensive features like data encryption innovations and fingerprint readers. For added security, Computrace is an excellent addition, as it’s a way to recover stolen laptops.

The next consideration regarding performance is a laptop’s processor. Dependability and security won’t mean much if it doesn’t have the flat-out power to run your business’ applications. Look for enterprise laptops that boast 4th Generation Intel® Core ™ i7 vPro™ processors with Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and Hyper-Threading Technology. These give the boost your laptop needs to provide the power and efficiency you expect. You won’t experience any of the delays or glitches, even as you multi-task between several memory draining programs.

All of this power can come in lightweight and travel friendly models that are surprisingly rugged and durable. The latest in notebook technology is also more energy efficient to provide longer lasting battery power, which allows you to work longer while on an airplane or at an off-site location. It has all of the connectivity ports that need to interface with displays, external hard drives, and other notebooks.

The last consideration is, of course, price and will depend on the kind of budget your business can expend on equipment. Regardless of your budget, you should be able find portable, high-performing notebooks. When searching out your options, be sure to add the list of Toshiba business notebooks at to those computers that you review.They come with the performance you need with a wide range of short term memory and RAM capabilities at affordable prices.

Once you’re more familiar with the 3 ‘P’s and understand the requirements for your business, your newest notebook won’t be as hard to find as you think. Spend some time researching the top specs that land within your budget, and you’ll find a high-performing and reliable computer sooner rather than later.

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