Four awesome ways to create profitable Facebook ads

We all know and love Facebook. Since launching in 2004, it has amassed over 2 billion global users who regularly log on to catch up with friends. Facebook is not only great for your social life though – it is also a fabulous tool to use for business. Why is this? Simply put, this social media giant gives easy access to all of its many users in one place, so you can engage with them.

How do you get the best out of Facebook for business? One great way to go about it is with Facebook ads.

Simple ways to make fantastic Facebook adverts

Before we go on to how to create stunning Facebook ads, it is worth explaining exactly what they are. They are actually quite easy to understand – you create an advert to showcase what you do or a certain product that will show up on the Facebook feeds of the demographic you opt to target. This allows you to tailor your marketing efforts on Facebook to the people who will be most interested in your services.

Here are some great ways to create the best video adverts to reach people on there:

  • Use a professional video maker the first and probably most important tip is to use an online Facebook video ad creator to help. These are easy to use and come loaded with different templates. It is just a case of choosing the sort of ad you want to make and then uploading your images, audio and text as required. These ad creation solutions not only give great results to catch people’s attention but are also low cost for superb ROIs.
  • Think about color – it is well-known within advertising that the colors you use have a big impact on the success of your campaigns. Think about your target audience and the emotions that are relevant to your product. When you have done this, use colors within your ad that reflect this. Red, for example, is great for grabbing people’s attention as it signifies danger or that they should stop.
  • Keep it real and short this is two tips rolled into one, but both are useful. People will usually be turned off by outrageous hyperbole in ads, so take care to avoid this. While you need to show how great you are or a product is, do it in a natural way. It is also worth keeping ads as short as you can to stop people getting bored and clicking off them.
  • Remember your call to action a key part of any Facebook ad that will generate a good return is including a strong call to action (CTA). This sets out what the consumer who is viewing needs to do next and helps for a seamless transition from ad to conversion. Whether it is buying the product or signing up for a mailing list, a good CTA is key.

Creating profitable Facebook adverts can be done

The many businesses that use Facebook in this way show that profitable adverts can be created. As with all advertising efforts, it is about grabbing people’s attention and using the right tools to make the advert initially. When this is done, you will be well on the road to making Facebook ads that shine.

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