Get Your Windows Ready for Renovation

The spring has finally come on the porch and this means that the time to repaint your windows has come. Professional contractors say that the beginning of spring is just the perfect time to put your windows in order and repaint them to refresh home’s exterior. Read our tips below and make yourself a new house!

Assess the Condition

First of all look at the windows and evaluate their condition. The most obvious signal of the required repairmen is peeling paint. In case you have old-fashioned wooden windows, you bad paint also signals about the moisture, rotting and leaks problem.

After checking the paint, pay attention to the windows glazing, because its lack results in loose glass panes and so only deepens the problem with drafts and inefficient windows performance. Then look at the hinges and the windowsill. Experts from (a windows company in Edmonton) say that if you see a lot of dirt and spider webs then before stating to paint the windows you need to clean the trims.

Now, after the precise check, you can get down to work. Here is the proper order of the steps for you to take.

1. Scrape not only loose paint, but also caulk and glazing

Take a putty knife or a special multi-use paint scraper and remove any flaking paint from the trims and also from the loose glazing of the panes. Make sure that you remove all cracked or peeling caulk.

2. Sand all the painted surfaces

Now take sandpaper and with its help smooth any transitions between the old paint and raw wood. Then prepare the old paint to finish. If you do the sanding properly, you get higher chances of adhesion for the new paint and primer.

3. Dust and clean windows

First of all with a dry cloth just dust the trims, panes and windowsill. After the dusting is completed, take a diluted soap concentrate and another rag and clean the windows and windowsill. In case there are some hard-to-reach places, take an old toothbrush to gently scrub all the dirt away.

4. Caulk exposed crevices

At all the places where you have taken the old caulk away you need to run a bead of outdoor caulk, and experts advise to pay special attention to the condition of the caulking along the inside edge of the windowsills. They say that at this point it is very important to keep that ledge perfectly sealed in order to prevent rain water from seeping in and so rotting the windows frame.

5. Repair window glazing

And coming to the last important point of this article, according to windows Mississauga experts in case your windows glazing requires repairs you need to dry the wood between glass panes perfectly, and the best if you can leave it to dry overnight. Then you should mix the glazing with a knife and then apply small amounts of it to the edge of the panes at an angle. If you want a perfect result, do not rush, work slowly. As the glaze usually cures for a couple of weeks, you will need to wait a few more weekends before you can prime and paint the windows.

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