Hidden Islands You Need To Visit Around The World

When it comes to planning a vacation, some people try to avoid popular tourist destinations, because they tend to get overcrowded, which ruins the fun for them. This is why a lot of people are starting to look for places that haven’t been discovered by a lot of people, so they can enjoy their vacation without having to deal with the congestion of a popular tourist attraction. If you are one of those people who love to vacation in relative peace, there are some hidden islands that not too many people are aware of, which can be ideal places for you to plan your next vacation to.

#5. The Azores, Portugal.

This isolated island is in the North Atlantic Ocean, and it remains unknown to many tourists around the world. It has nine volcanic islands, from San Miguel to the Isle of Corvo, which has a population of 400 people. These quiet island paradises allow you to enjoy the local culture, while enjoying the beauty and serenity you crave. While vacationing there, you can go on hikes, go spelunking in the extinct lava tubes, or go whale watching. You can also enjoy some of the local wine, which is very good, and fresh seafood from the ocean.

#4. Summer Isles, Scotland.

If you are looking for a remote vacation spot with an old world feel to it, the Summer Isles is the place to be. This island has some beautiful holiday cottages, a café, and a post office, making it a great place to get away from it all. You can also enjoy hiking around the island, the pristine beaches, and the abundant wildlife in the area. There are no roads on the isle, and it can only accommodate about 35 people, so you don’t have to worry about it getting crowded by tourists.

#3. San Andres, Columbia.

This is a South American paradise that is surprisingly still unknown to a lot of people. It provides you with an old Caribbean feel, without all the glitz that you get when you visit a Caribbean island these days. It has a very rich culture, with great local foods and drinks to enjoy.

#2. Lord Howe Island, Australia.

If you are serious about really getting away, this is the destination to be, because there is no cell phone reception, which means you won’t be distracted by the outside world. You can enjoy various activities like bike riding, snorkeling, or even hand feeding fish. As the home to the world’s southernmost barrier coral reef, there are more than 90 species of coral and 500 species of tropical fish, which makes it a diver’s paradise.

#1. Ibo Island, Mozambique.

If you are planning a vacation to Africa, this is a destination you should visit, because it is a great experience. You will get to see old Arab trading posts, Portuguese fortifications, and learn about the pirate past of the beautiful Island. You also get to enjoy a mix of Portuguese and African culture, as well as their food and entertainment.

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