How to Add More Natural Light to Your Home

We are intrinsically connected to natures in so many different ways. We need the fresh air that plants breathe into our lives. We need cool, clean water to sustain ourselves. We need light in order to thrive. Bringing in as much natural light into our homes, therefore, is a key part of our everyday happiness and health. The more light, the more our natural cycles can adapt. Furthermore, if you add enough landscaping and gardening, the more you can bring nature into your home. Don’t let a dark room get you down. Follow these tips to bring in more natural light into your home today.

Bring in More Light by Adding More Windows

One of the best ways to bring in more natural light is, simply put, by adding more windows. This is particularly helpful for upstairs rooms that have a slanted ceiling. As this limits the options you will have for wall windows; it could be worthwhile installing skylight windows as an alternative. This way you can bring in more light into your darkest rooms and, during winter, can even help heat your home and maintain more heat than usual.

Use Mirrors to Reflect Natural Light

Mirrors are great decorative pieces that can help expand a room and bring in the light. The larger the mirror, the more benefits it can bring. Just remember to hang it in a well-positioned location so that it can reflect as much light into the room as possible. Glass picture frames can also improve how light a room is, so get that gallery wall up and enjoy the extra brightness it brings.

Better Place Your Curtains

If your curtains are blocking your windows, then they need to be reconsidered. By getting a larger curtain rail or by installing a better curtain system, you can bring in more light. That is because when curtains block the window when they are pulled open, they are minimising the amount of overall light that can be let in. By placing the heavy curtains on the side of the wall instead, you can bring in more light with ease.

Use Light Colours to Bring Light In

It is no secret that light colours reflect light, so in order to bring more natural light into your home, you should reconsider the colour scheme. Having dark colours or natural materials is fine, but you need to add in a few white or pastel coloured accessories to give light something to bounce off. The more white there is, the lighter the room will be.

From adding more windows to using design to your advantage, there are so many ways that you can bring in more natural light into your home. If you live in the city, of course, you should always consider how to improve your landscaping as well. Privacy is typically important for most people, and by using natural elements like trees, shrubs, and bushes, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – more light and more nature surrounding your home.

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