Incredible Ways Modern Businesses Use Technology To Get Ahead

Technology is shaping and changing the world as we know it. Businesses are hugely affected by it, in a positive way of course! Today, I’m bringing you a piece on how modern businesses use technology to get ahead.


Communication is an essential part of every modern business. And, here are the top two ways companies use technology to give communications a boost:

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a simple, yet effective, form of technology. Businesses are using it to ensure they stay ahead of the game. Everyone knows that communication is key, both internal and external. With instant messaging services, a business ensures it’s always able to communicate with others. Co-workers can message each other in an instant, and there’s less waiting around for replies. It’s a small change, but it makes a big difference to emailing.

Similarly, companies can give clients their details so that they can message them. This means that if a client has an issue, they can send an instant message and hear back as soon as possible. Companies that do this will have the edge over the competition. It’s great customer service; people will appreciate it.

VoIP (Broadband Phones)

VoIp is an interesting technology that’s helping businesses all over the world with communications. To put it simply, it refers to making phone calls without using a phone line. Instead, calls are made through the internet. The advantage of this is that the line is way more secure. There won’t be any drops in connection like there are with phone lines.

Why would a business use this technology? Well, it means their communication is much better than a lot of other companies. How many times have you called customer service and got a dodgy line where you can barely hear the person on the other end? It happens more times than I can count! With VoIP, there won’t be any crackling or poor connections. Customers can hear what’s being said a lot better than before. Again, like instant messaging, it makes for better customer service. And, anything that pleases customers is a winner.


Every business needs a strong marketing strategy. Technology has allowed modern companies to take things to the next level. Here’s how:

Big Data

Businesses have taken to using big data to help with their marketing strategies. For those that don’t’ know, big data is very large sets of data that are used for analysis. A company can look at them and figure out consumer patterns, etc. It’s such a good way for a business to figure out the best way to market their business to the target market. In fact, new details emerged via Simplilearn regarding big data. These details state that 77% of businesses consider in a top priority. As you can see, that’s a pretty large percentage. Big data is a serious thing, and companies are looking to utilise it.

How does it help them get ahead? Well, by analysing the data, they can see how the market reacts to things. They’ll look at human behaviour and use it to shape their marketing campaign. It helps determine what content should be produced, and the best tactics for getting maximum results. A business that uses big data is certainly in a better position than one that doesn’t.

Social Media

In the past, businesses would focus a lot of their attention on SEO. Getting your business to do well in search rankings was a top priority. Nowadays, there’re arguments to be made that social media is more valuable. Research suggests that more people find websites via Facebook than Google. So, companies are now using this technology to further their business. They’re putting a lot of effort into social media campaigns, to help market their company.

If your business dominates social media platforms, then it will be in the driving seat. There’s no doubting how influential this technology is. A business that doesn’t use social media will struggle to compete in this modern climate. A few years ago, it wasn’t such an effective platform. But, times have changed, and social media is where it’s at. Big companies have realised this and started to make it a top priority.


Security is very important for modern businesses. They need their data and office to be as safe and secure as possible. Here’s how technology helps:

Cloud Computing

Businesses have a lot of documents and data that need to be stored safely. For some companies, this can be a big problem. They don’t have the space to install private servers in their office where they can store this data. This is where cloud computing comes into play. The cloud is a place for businesses to store their data in a secure fashion. The main benefit is that you don’t need any physical space to do this. It’s all done online, and it’s perfectly secure. Plus, your data can be accessed wherever you are, as long as you have a device connected to the internet.

Businesses are making good use of the cloud to up their security measures. By keeping backups of your information in the cloud, it’s less likely to get stolen. If everything is in your office, then all it takes is one break in to get everything.Cloud storage is far more complex and has greater security measures.

Facial Recognition Software

A very modern business will use facial recognition software to get ahead of the game. What is it? Well, it refers to security software that helps protect your computers. Instead of using a password to unlock a PC, it uses your face. The computer will recognise your face through the webcam, and then unlock itself for your use. A really cool and effective way of beefing up the security in your business.

The obvious benefit of this is that its way more secure than typical passwords. Anyone can guess a password, or find it somehow. But, not everyone has your face or the face of your employees. If every computer in the office uses this software, it will be a far more secure place.

As you can see, technology is helping businesses across the board. If you own a company, then you need to make good use of the tech out there.

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