Online Design and Programming Trends you Should Know About

You should never underestimate the power of your website, which is why should always never underestimate the importance of using the latest design and programming techniques to ensure that your website performs at the optimum level. People viewing your website need to get a good impression of your brand, they need to come back again and ideally they need to be motivated to share your content with other people.

This is where good design comes in.  A well designed website that uses the latest ideas and programming tools is one which will work well for you. We are going to take a look at three trends you may want to consider if you want to optimise the potential of your website.

Using a modular layout

Many websites have been designed using grid like features, over the years. Modular design is something different in that a card system is used as the primary method of organisation. The cards can be used in any type of design across the page, so it’s not actually necessary to stick to a grid design at all. This means that you can keep the organisational aspect that modular design provides you with, but use it in a more freestyle way. Visitors to your website see a creative that also has structure and purpose.

Making use of the white space

White space on your website is not something you should be afraid of; in fact it’s something you should embrace. If you are really creative you can use white space as an integral part of your design. This can be especially useful when you are designing a logo for your brand or organisation. Using white space inside the design can be very successful. For instance the dot on an eye could be a porthole with a white background. You can use this type of design to reflect ideas about your brand.

Creating effective online publications

If you have ever visited a website where pdf files have been uploaded, to provide more information about the brand or organisation, the chances are that you were not especially inspired. People have used pdf files for this purpose for years but there are other, more effective, options now. The problem with pdf files is they are generally best suited to more technical information. If you want to create a publication that is intended to attract people to your brand you probably want to concentrate on visual creativity as much as, or more so, than technical information.

You can do this very easily by uploading your pdf files to online flipbook software, in order to convert the files to glossy flipbooks. You can check out the different software available to see which is best for you. For instance, you can see Yumpu users share experiences. Once you have chosen the software you want to lose all you have to do is upload your pdf files and convert them.

All of these design aspects are worth incorporating into your online content if you want to make it stand out and you want visitors to your website to keep returning.

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