How to Pay Rent When You’re in a Bind

The idea of missing a rent payment can be terrifying. When you’re in a financial bind, you might not know where to turn to get help. If you find yourself in this situation, there are places to turn to for assistance. Here are some resources from Low Income Financial Help that might be able to offer support when times are tight, and you might not be able to make rent.

State Agencies

Your local department of health and human service may be able to provide you with emergency cash to help you pay your rent regardless of whether you qualify for other forms of financial support. Contact your local office and schedule an appointment with a caseworker. They’ll be able to review your unique situation and see if there may be programs available that can assist.

Even if you don’t qualify, contacting your local government office may still help. In cases where the state agency can’t offer assistance directly, the caseworker may be able to connect you with other services that can provide aid. Check out this detailed list of services that help pay rent.

Charities and Non-Profits

There are numerous charities and community organization that may be able to provide you with rent money in an emergency. Each organization is going to have its own programs and eligibility requirements, so you might need to investigate several to find one that can offer assistance.

For example, certain charities require a person be employed full-time or that they meet specific income-based requirements. Others may require less stringent qualification, but will only provide you with aid once during the course of your life.

If you aren’t sure where to begin your search, consider contacting the United Way or local organizations dedicated to the prevention of homelessness in your community. They may be able to provide rent assistance directly or refer you to a suitable charity.

Friends and Family

Those who are closest to you generally have a vested interest in your well-being. This means they may be open to giving or lending you some money to help you make ends meet. If someone does agree, make sure to clarify whether the cash is a loan or gift. That way you can make sure you both are on the same page regarding repayment expectations.

Sell Some Household Items

For short-term financial emergencies, selling some of your possession may allow you to earn enough money to make rent. For example, a pawn shop will often purchase high-value items like jewelry and electronics. You also have the option of taking out a loan through the pawnshop with the item acting as collateral. This can be a great option in cases where your situation is expected to improve quickly.

You can also sell your items online, but there is no guarantee as to how quickly they will sell. Additionally, there can be some safety risk, especially for high dollar goods. If you do arrange a sale, consider making a local police department parking lot the meeting point. This can give you a sense of security, and many law enforcement agencies don’t mind if sellers want to use their parking area for these purposes.

By using the suggestions above, many people can get some emergency rent money. However, if you expect to experience shortfalls continually, it may be wise to investigate other housing options that don’t cost as much. That way, you aren’t struggling to make a payment every month.

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