How to Recognize a Loved One is Suffering with Depression

You wouldn’t be human if every now and then you didn’t experience a day when you weren’t feeling on top of the world. The problem arises when the bad days outweigh the good. Depression is a serious mental illness that can have serious consequences for the sufferer and those closet to them. According to the latest figures released by the World Health Organization, more than 350 million people suffer with depression. It can affect people from all walks of life, all cultures and at any age. It is very likely that someone you know is battling a bout of depression right now. So how can you recognize someone you love has a problem?

Signs to Look For

Having a bad day once or twice a month is not a problem. The issues start when feeling down never seems to go away. Depression is a common mental health problem and is more than just feeling sad about your daily struggles. The effects of this mental illness can be far-reaching. It can impact on work, social life, relationships, eating and sleeping. Providing a loved one with support and comfort will be an important part of their recovery. However, you must first recognize the signs.

Sleep Problems

Insomnia is another common problem, but it doesn’t automatically mean a person is depressed. Chronic sleep problems, on the other hand, are almost certain to be a sign a person is experiencing depression. These problems could include trouble falling asleep or waking up in the night on a regular basis and struggling to get back to sleep.

Changes in Appetite

A sudden increase or loss of appetite can be an indication of depression. Watch out for either a significant weight loss or gain

Constant Complaints About Their Health  

It’s all too easy to think of this as just a person who likes to moan. However, constant complaining about aches and pains, cramps, headaches or problems with digestion can be the signs of a deeper problem.

Always Being Negative

If someone is always pessimistic and negative, it can be a sign that there is something not right with their mental health. Being negative about the world in general and those around is often a sign that a person is dealing with a much bigger problem.

Neglected Appearance or Poor Hygiene

This is one of the easiest signs to recognize, and many mental health organizations list it as a sure sign of depression. If someone you love suddenly stops showering or takes to wear their comfy clothes regularly, it can be a sign they’re struggling.  

Can Depression be Treated?

Medication is the most popular method of treatment. However, there are many more effective ways to overcome depression. For example, it has been shown that small lifestyle changes can make a big difference. Many depression sufferers also find it helps to talk with a professional about their problems. TMS Therapy for Depression, provided by Smart Brain and Health, can also be effective.

If you believe a friend or family member is suffering from depression, the important thing is to encourage them to seek help. It is a common illness, and they shouldn’t be made to feel embarrassed about it. You might also think they want to be left alone, but the opposite is usually true. Be there for them, and you will be playing a big part in their recovery.  

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