Recognizing the Most Common Health Problems

Everyone gets ill at some point in their lives, and while lifestyle choices are to blame for some of our health problems, other problems are caused by bad luck or factors beyond our control. So, just how do you recognize the most common health problems we suffer?

Common health problems

Obesity is a growing recent phenomenon that is spreading throughout the world and can be attributed to several factors: the sheer abundance and ready availability of food, increasing portion sizes, and sedentary lifestyles. Obesity is most often caused by lifestyle choices, which means it can be avoided. And avoid it we should because obesity increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, heart disease and some cancers, amongst many others problems. Obesity is easy to spot. Your clothes will become tighter and less comfortable, you will see bulges when you look in the mirror and you will probably become out of breath much more quickly. So what is the answer? Quite simply, eat less and move more; eat more sensibly and become more active, and the weight should start to drop off.

With the increased use of computers, eye health is becoming a concern for many people, but eye health covers a wide range of problems. While extended computer use can cause dry eye syndrome and headaches due to eyestrain, simply growing older can cause problems such as cataracts, where the lens covering the eye develops a milky film. Fortunately, cataracts have become much easier to treat. For example, cataracts can now be removed using a laser, quickly and painlessly. There are many specialist eye clinics offering this kind of surgery, and a simple web search such as cataract surgery Denver will help you to locate one if you suffer from cataracts.

Heart disease is another common health problem, but as already discussed, can be caused by lifestyle choices just as much as your genes. In America, heart disease is the biggest killer of both men and women each year. The telling symptom of heart disease is a cramping pain in the chest. The best way of preventing heart disease is to live a healthy life, which means not smoking, not drinking to excess, keeping your weight under control and reducing your salt and fat consumption, and getting plenty of exercise.

Influenza and pneumonia are also common amongst all age groups, and while they do not sound as harmful as some other health problems, they can in fact, kill. If you are normally quite healthy, then it is likely your immune system will be able to fight off flu, but if your immune system is compromised, it could lead to you developing pneumonia. Vulnerable people, such as the very young and the elderly, should get a flu jab in the months before the onset of winter to protect themselves, while simply washing your hands frequently and thoroughly should help you stop picking up germs.

Many of the most common health problems we suffer today are actually preventable, simply by leading a healthy lifestyle that is focused around a balanced diet and daily activity.

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