How to Save on Your Car Insurance

People typically have car payments, which might be huge for a new vehicle, and then registration fees and maintenance costs, and also fuel to pay for. We can provide you with some tips on how to save money on your car insurance; here they are!

Anti-Theft Device

Having an alarm system on your vehicle can save money with a few insurance companies.  This could possibly mean a discount of up to twenty percent on your comprehensive coverage, a huge amount of money on some vehicles.

Multiple-Vehicle Discounts

Having more than one car on your car insurance might save you money. Generally speaking, to get this type of discount, all the vehicles need to be under the name of a single policy holder, and the vehicles have to be driven only by that individual or by family members residing in that individual’s home.

Bundling Discounts

Having multiple policies, such as home and car insurance, with the same company can probably save you money. In fact, many of the top insurance companies now offer bundling discounts, and this could be from ten to twenty percent in total savings.

Low-Mileage Discounts

According to this Dodge car dealership in Chico, CA, low-mileage discounts can be purchased from many insurance companies.  Be sure and tell your insurance agent if you don’t drive many miles each year. Some companies may want electronic monitoring to qualify, which is typically a device that is attached to an electronic monitoring port (OBDII) in your car.

Safe Driver Discounts

If you’re a safe driver with a clean driving record, then you will usually save some money  with insurance companies. Make sure when getting quotes from insurance companies that you let them know that you are accident-free, and ask if they offer a discount policy.

Automatic Payments

Some insurance companies offer a discount for allowing automatic payments from your bank account. In addition to offering a discount on automatic payments, there are companies that will also give you a discount if you pay the full premium at once, and if you choose to do that then you’re all set for the year!

Shop Around

And, before you set yourself on a policy, we recommend to shop around before heading down to the dealership to buy a car. Dealerships can require that you have insurance before you drive one of their cars off the lot. Therefore, you don’t want to be calling just any company from the dealer to sign up, just so you can drive off the lot!


You might find that an insurance company offers discounts in addition to the ones we have discussed here.  Be sure and ask your insurance agent if there are additional discounts that you might qualify for next time you renew your policy. For the most part, it is tough to save on most any car expenses, but there is one thing you may save on and that is your car insurance! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article!

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