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According to research, the average person spends 25 years of their life in bed. Despite all that time spent sleeping, most people still haven’t figured out the best way to sleep.

When it comes to sleeping, most people have bad habits that have been formed since they were kids, making it harder for them to try different sleeping positions. However, sleeping in the wrong position not only makes it difficult to get a good night’s rest, it can also lead to spinal injury.

According to adjustment sleep experts, small changes to your sleeping habits can make a big difference, and provide much needed support for your spine.

When it comes to pillows, sleep experts recommend sleeping with two pillows on top of each other to give you the perfect alignment for your neck and spine. Sleeping with one pillow forces your neck to bend at a wide angle, and can lead to neck pain when you wake up. If you sleep with three pillows on top of each other, your neck curves up, leaving your spine in a bent position as well.

Since sleeping is meant to reduce the stress on your body, you shouldn’t sleep in an unnatural angle because it may cause long-term pain that can be easily avoided.

Some people are used to sleeping on their backs because they believe it is the right way to sleep. However, the experts also noted that that is incorrect. Sleeping on your back still has the same effect on your neck and spine depending on the number of pillows you use. Unlike sleeping on your side, where two pillows are recommended, experts believe you only need one pillow to position your neck at the right angle and remove any pressure on your spine.

Another thing sleep experts recommend is to sleep with a pillow you can cuddle on the side. Cuddling a pillow provides support for your neck and shoulders, keeping your neck and spine perfectly aligned.

Sleeping with a pillow between your thighs is also recommended to keep your spine aligned when you’re sleeping.

When it comes to the type of Adjustamatic bed to use, the experts believe you are better off with an adjustable bed than a flat bed because an adjustable bed is great for control, flexibility, and support while you sleep. A flat bed on the other hand cannot be adjusted, which makes it more hazardous to your neck and spine.

Reading in bed is also healthier when done on an adjustable bed than a flat bed because it can be adjusted to provide you with the back support you need while reading, compared to a flat bed which can’t and leads to neck pain when reading.

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