Surprising Benefits Of A Staycation In The UK!

You might be surprised to know that a lot of people are having a staycation in the UK, rather than traveling around the world. In fact, research has found a 16% drop of Britons traveling around abroad since the recession. As much as it’s great visiting different countries on your travels, there is a lot to see in the UK. In fact, the most popular areas to visit on a staycation are Jersey, Bournemouth, and Blackpool! Here are some of the surprising benefits of a staycation in the UK!

You don’t have to fork out for plane tickets

A lot of people don’t want to spend hundreds on plane tickets. With the price rising by the day, it’s hard to fork out the cost of a ticket, as well as accommodation and spending money. Particularly with some low-fare airlines making you pay extra for bags and seats. Despite it being a good price to start with, these extras can make it expensive. Therefore, by having a staycation, you won’t have the pricey bill of a plane ticket to pay out for. You will be able to spend a higher amount on a hotel to stay in on your holiday in the UK.

You get to see the less well-known areas

One of the best things about a staycation is you get to explore the true beauty of the UK. It’s easy to under appreciate the UK when we live here. But there are so many great areas you can head to that you might not have even heard of before. For example, the Summer Isles in Scotland is a fantastic area to visit if you are looking for pristine beaches and stunning wildlife. Also, it’s private as it only accommodates 35 people! You can read more about that island on my previous blog. You can check out other amazing less well-known places in the UK online that might be a hidden gem for your staycation.

There is so much history to see

The reason so many tourists visit the UK every year is down to the history. There is so much to see that really captures history including Hadrian’s Wall and Windsor Castle. We even have Stonehenge which is named one of the top wonders of the year. As this article explains, there are plenty of backstories you can learn about when you are visiting these amazing landmarks in the UK. Therefore, you should go exploring and learn more about our history. There are some great guided tours so that you can make the most of your staycation in the UK.


We have so many great beach towns such as Blackpool

There’s nothing better than sunbathing on a beach when you are on your travels. But research has found that we have some of the best beaches in the UK. Therefore, you should visit one of our beautiful beach towns when you have a staycation in the UK. You might want to head to glorious Newquay which has a strong surfing community. Or Brighton with its lively nightlife and sandy beach might be for you. A lot of people also head for Blackpool holidays as there is so much to see and do in the area. As well as Blackpool Tower and the iconic illuminations, there is a great beach to relax on. Any of these will ensure you have a great beach break in the British summertime.

You don’t have to worry about exchanging money

With the news of Brexit, the euro rate dropped which was bad for the holiday makers. It means you get a lot less for your pound when you go to exchange your money. That means you will end up spending more so that you have enough money for your holidays. And then when you come back and want to exchange it back, you often end up feeling left short. Therefore, a staycation means you don’t have to take a lot of money out of your account for spending money.

You can get to areas much easier

Staying in the UK means you don’t have to worry about traveling around in your destination. You can easily get to A to B by using your car or public transport. When you are in a different county, you have to worry about renting out a car which can be an expensive cost. Also, if you rely on their public transportation, there’s a good chance you might end up lost. Therefore, a staycation means you can travel around different areas easily.

When we head abroad, we are doing the tourist trade a favor in that destination. But what about our tourist trade? Therefore, by having a staycation, you are doing local businesses and traders a favour.

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