Taking Care of Your Back and Joints During Sporting Activities

Injuries are nothing new for fitness and sporting enthusiasts. If you regularly play sports or are a fitness junkie, then you’re likely to have sustained some sort of injury at one time or another.

The back and joints are especially susceptible to damage. These parts of the body bear your weight and enable you to twist, bend, lift or move as you work out. Whatever sporting activities you take part in, damage to your back, sprains and dislocations are a possibility. As you can imagine, these sports injuries will cause discomfort, or in more extreme cases severe pain, significantly limiting your fitness regimen. Repeated joint overuse and injuries can present serious chronic health complications.

Thankfully, with proper care, you can avoid joint injuries by incorporating the few changes outlined below in your fitness or workout regime.

  • Stretch before any exercise.

It is important to spend about 20 minutes stretching and warming up before engaging in any sporting activity. This increases blood circulation to your muscles giving the tendons and ligaments time to adjust for the exercise ahead. Also, remember to cool down after your workout session to give your heart time to return to normal.

  • Switch up your workout routine.

It is easy sometimes to be stuck on the same workout routine. You should change things now and again to avoid straining and overusing the same set of muscles all the time. For best results, try to balance both low and high impact cardio workouts. Vary these every time you hit the gym for an all-round toned body.

  • Maintain proper posture.

Poor posture as you exercise places additional pressure on your joints and back, increasing your chances of injury. Use the proper technique for each workout and use equipment correctly to avoid placing any unnecessary strain on your muscles.

  • Use the right gear for your workouts.

Your choice of workout gear is equally important in preventing joint injury. These days, you can purchase shoes that are specifically designed for each workout. These provide proper cushioning, ankle support and give you a wider range of motion as you exercise. Additionally, you can choose to wear compression items to support your muscles.

  • Get chiropractic care.

Making regular visits to an established chiropractic centre such as Healthquest Chiropractic is beneficial to your health, especially if you have sustained injuries to your back or joints. A trained chiropractic practitioner will trace the root problem of your injuries and will adjust the appropriate part of your spine to correct the issue. With regular visits, your flexibility and range of movement should improve as the pain reduces. The benefit of chiropractic care is that no drugs or surgery are necessary.

Finally, whether you are exercising in the gym or playing a sport, remember to listen to your body. If you want to avoid injuries, give your joints, back and muscles adequate time to rest and recover between workouts.

Constant back or joint pain can have a negative impact on your life. If you follow the tips given above it will help you prevent or minimize any future injuries.

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