Texas: Things To Do And See In Americas Second Largest State

Texas is the second largest state in the southern part of the US. With over 26 million in population there is no surprise why there is an abundance of things to do see and do in this vast state. Houston is the biggest city in this state and offers a lot for any tourist, but the capital of Texas is Austin. So there is no surprise with many cities and things to do why people visit this state time and time again. However, I thought it would be good to share with a few reasons why and some of the places you should consider. Perhaps making it your next destination hotspot.

Go on adventures in western Texas

Western Texas has a lot to offer. Especially if you are more of an adventurous type. Why not consider heading to the Big Bend National Park. There is plenty of things to see and do here. But most people go for the more active break. Consider hiking and camping as one of the main pastimes you will want to enjoy here.

Take in some culture in San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the major cities in the southern part of the state of Texas. It has a colonial heritage and a lot to offer tourists. There is a lot of spanish influence in this city, with it being so close to the border of Mexico. However, one of the main things people like to do here is enjoy the river walk. Taking in the atmosphere, stopping off at bars and cafes and people watching. It’s great way to spend some time to capture the culture of this city.

Enjoy the best live music around in Austin

Austin is well-known for it’s eclectic music scene. It has a claim to be the live music capital of the world as well as being the capital of Texas. Whether it’s a rock theme you’re after or something more mellow and low key, you will find a live music venue to suit. Although, additionally if you are not into music there is always the Formula 1 circuit to visit.

Address your inner cowboy or cowgirl at Fort Worth

No visit to Texas would be complete without getting in touch with your inner cowboy or cowgirl. What better place to do it than the small town of Fort Worth. This place is full of memorabilia and museums showcasing some of this history. It makes for an interesting vacation spot.

Enjoy the modern vibe of Dallas

Finally, if you like the modern vibe then head to the metropolis city of Dallas. This city has it all. From museums and culture, down to the theatre district. You could also head to Dealey Plaza where the assassination of President John F. Kennedy took place. Let’s not also forget the art district showcasing many different exhibitions.

So there you have it. Some interesting pieces of information about Texas and all the things you could see and do there. I hope it has inspired you to head there yourself soon.

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