The Ultimate Guide to Bucket List Travel in Africa

Africa is a wild, wonderful corner of the globe. Whatever you are looking to see or do, and no matter how adventurous or relaxed you’d like your African holiday to be, this continent will meet your every wish. There are a few bucket list activities, however, you should not pass while venturing in Africa. There are extraordinary activities which often cannot be found in any other place in the world, and we’re about to let you in on what they are!

Go on Safari

Of course, you have to go on a safari when you visit Africa! In fact, it was probably one of the main driving factors for wanting to visit, correct? Africa is without a doubt the best place in the world for wildlife safaris. The continent is deeply immersed in wildlife, due to the environment and the climate. What’s great is you often don’t have to venture out too far to find the perfect safari excursion and big 5 game reserve accommodation – sometimes all you need is to take a short drive from one of the main cities. It’s an experience that’s incredibly heartwarming and it’s quite relaxing too! Being surrounded by raw nature and witnessing the movements of some of the world’s most coveted wildlife species is an extraordinary encounter that you will certainly remember and cherish forever.

Visit the Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls should certainly not be missed. It is a famous landmark in Africa, and the world over; attracting visitors from near and far. This magical and mighty waterfall system is known to be the largest waterfall system with a width of 1700 meters. It is not only a sight to behold, but an attraction that makes one feel close to nature and it’s powerful, yet healing force. This breathtaking spectacle is found on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe and is formed from the waters of the Zambezi river. You can enter the park from either the Zambian or the Zimbabwean side, but if we do say so ourselves; the Zimbabwean side has many more incredible viewing points!

Visit the Dunes of Sossusvlei

Namibia is so incredibly different from its neighbors, with the reason being: most of the country is made up of desert. However, don’t be fooled – Namibia also has many beautiful seaside cities and towns. One incredible excursion you should not miss for the world, while you’re exploring this breathtaking country, is the dunes of Sossusvlei. This vast range of red sand dunes, is not only absolutely beautiful to see, but even better to hike, sandboard or 4×4. For the adventurous traveler it is a must-do, and for the traveler eager to get some epic photographs, it really is the ideal location! We’d recommend you take on the Sossusvlei favorite, known as ‘Big Daddy’. It is one of the tallest dunes, yet still easy to hike, and it offers the most incredible views!

Climb Table Mountain

Table Mountain, which can be found in the beautiful city of Cape Town is a must! Whether you marvel at it from afar, or take the opportunity to climb it, it really doesn’t matter, so long as you enjoy all of its splendor! Table Mountain is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. At over 1000 meter above sea level, it towers over the city of Cape Town, making it one of the most spectacular landmarks in South Africa! If you decide to climb Table Mountain, we suggest you work on your fitness levels, as it is a rather difficult climb – but it is of course, oh so worth it when you get to the top and take in those views! We’d also suggest you take the cable car down (preferably at sunset), so that you get to experience it!

Witness the Great Mammal Migration in Kenya or Tanzania

The Great Mammal Migration is one of the most profound natural phenomena on earth, and it can only be found in Africa. Over two million mammals make their way between the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti in Tanzania in search for fresh grass and water. There really is only one way to describe seeing this migration in the flesh – and that is ‘mind-blowing’. Witnessing the migration in Kenya is the favorite way to experience this spectacle, as the mammals have to make their way across the Mara River. This river is infested with crocodiles and hippos who have waited all year for this moment, when they are able to get a quick, easy meal. Of course, this sighting, as tough as it sometimes is, makes for an incredible experience.

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