Tips for Making Friends as an Expat in Australia

When you have just moved to Australia and you don’t know anyone, making friends can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. You probably had an established group of friends back home, but now you don’t know anyone. When you are moving to Australia you have to start from scratch to build new social connections – so where do you even start?

Here are some tips that will help you to make friends in your new home in Australia:

Seek Out Your Hobbies

Do you like playing golf or going rock climbing? Do you love hiking or collecting antiques? Whatever you are passionate about, seek out that hobby in your new home in Australia. You’ll find a group, a class or a club that is dedicated to that hobby. In that club you will find people whom you already have something in common with because you share a similar interest, making it easier to strike up a conversation and form a bond.

Join an Expat Group

Do a search online and find out if there is an expat group that meets in your area. Lots of people move to Australia, so expat groups are quite common. Meeting up with people in a group like this is great because they will already be in a similar situation to you. They will be people from other countries who are adjusting to life in Australia – just like you are. You can bond over your common experiences and learn about Australian culture together.

Let One Friend Introduce You to Others

When you make a new friend in Australia, they will probably also have their own group of friends – perhaps you can meet them as well? Ask your new friend if they wouldn’t mind letting you join in on the next group outing so that you can meet their group. If they are friendly and welcoming they will make you feel at home and you might find yourself forming friendships with others from the group.

Don’t Be Joined at the Hip with Your Partner

If you and your partner have moved abroad, at first they will be the only other person you know in the country. This can make you want to spend all of your time with each other, but that means that you will not be making new friends and establishing a social circle. It is really important for you and your partner to go out separately and meet your own friends. You can each join separate classes and clubs for your different hobbies and make friends in them. If you make a friend at one of your activities, you could introduce them to your partner and invite them over for a meal.

Don’t be afraid to do things alone! Many people are nervous about going to classes and clubs on their own, but this is how you will make friends. Get the courage to go on your own and to start a conversation with the person sitting next to you, even if it’s just something simple.

Have a Party for Your Neighbours

Making friends with your neighbours is great – because then you are surrounded by people who you get along with and enjoy! Of course, you might not click with all of the neighbours but making a good first impression really helps to start things off on the right foot. Why not host a housewarming party at your new house in Australia? You can invite the neighbours around for a barbeque and a few beers so that you can introduce yourself and get to know them.

Talk to the People You Interact With Every Day

Take the time to chat to the lady who works in the corner shop, or the bus driver who takes you to work every morning. Say hello to the postman and have a conversation with the security guard of your apartment building. You might spark up a friendship with these people, or you might simply turn them into a friendly acquaintance. Either way, you’ll get a pleasant smile and a few friendly words with the people whom you interact with as you go about your day.

These are just a few ways that you can make friends as an expat in Australia. Emigrating to Australia can be a little lonely at first, but before you know it you will have established a social circle and you will feel happy and accepted in your new home.

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