Tips when attending an exhibition for the first time

Your first time hosting a corporate event can be daunting. With a myriad of of people to meet and greet and a plethora of leads to generate, it can be difficult knowing where to begin and how to achieve the best for your company. Here are a couple of top tips from stacking chairs experts, Race Furniture to help you succeed in your first corporate event.

Focus on your idea

Decided what your event will be primarily focused on and why it’s important is key. People are coming to your event hoping to gain valuable insight, so it’s your task to send them home happy. It’s the perfect opportunity to promote your business and explain what sets you apart from the rest. However, you need to make sure you don’t come across overly salesy as this is a chance to build long lasting business relationships with potential customers.

A thorough list

A comprehensive to do list will ensure you are doing your utmost for a successful event. Address all the details you want to cover and make sure you stick to it to keep a well organised and structured plan.

Learn the layout

Get yourself a copy of the event floorplan beforehand so you can create an itinerary. Make it your duty to know all the ins and outs, including the all important questions such as “where are the toilets?”. Knowing these sorts of details will help save time and will allow you to come across professional.

Accommodate to Guests

How you present yourself is how your audience will perceive you. This is why it’s integral to show your business as professional and of the highest standard. So great customer service is a must.

Providing entertainment and appropriate refreshments for your guests, as well as the correct facilities is one of the most important aspects. Ensuring enough seating in particular is key, as lack of seating will result in restless guests who may leave unhappy. Using stacking chairs, for instance, will help you maximise the space on offer in order to seat more guests efficiently. This sort of modern seating can also be implemented and removed quickly, meaning you won’t have to hang around long afterwards.


This might have more of an impact than you realise. The invitation with the location on it will mean your guests will be searching online, and therefore forming their initial impression. Once you have established a more than suitable location, discuss room rental and what is included with the appropriate people. Make sure you take advantage of what’s included before paying for any extras.  Decorating the room will also show your guests you have made a special effort.

Final thoughts

Hosting an event is an admired trait to have in business. It will allow you to share ideas and strategies with other professionals to help you uncover things you didn’t know about your market.

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