Top 5 Productivity Software for Churches

Small and large business organizations alike have migrated to cloud-based software solutions for improved performance. Recent trends show that religious institutions like churches are also adopting this trend in order to overcome daily management challenges. So, what kinds of challenges are we talking about?

Church management involves numerous tasks like maintaining attendance, planning events, enrolling people for memberships, and running volunteer drives. Handling all these tasks manually would lead to a lot of complications with booking, scheduling and tracking valuable church assets. Using on-premise software can limit the accessibility of your data from remote locations outside the church. However, a cloud-based system provides you with easily accessible and secure data across the board.

To help you choose the best solutions for your church management needs, we’ll discuss the top 5 productivity enhancing software for churches. Each of the programs mentioned below specializes in different functions and lets you conduct flawless church activities!

1) EZOfficeInventory for Asset Management

Church inventory comprises of various items such as furniture, tablets, books, and donation boxes. In order to keep track of all your assets, it is mandatory that you invest in a robust church asset tracking solution such as EZOfficeInventory. This helps you track your assets, schedule maintenance regimes, and conduct regular audits for improved transparency.

EZOfficeInventory comes with multiple features for effective asset management. To start off, it lets you assign Barcodes and QR Code labels to all the assets in your inventory. By doing this, you enable automatic check-ins and checkouts every time an employee uses an asset. This increases asset organization while reducing the risk of theft and misplacement – a huge benefit for a nonprofit organization. Of course, it is critical for churches to maintain their equipment to ensure seamless daily activities. A lot rides on this! You therefore need to plan asset service and repair sessions well in advance to avoid unexpected downtimes. EZOfficeInventory lets you plan out maintenance routines by sending out alerts to your staff members and creating regular maintenance schedules. In addition, this software for churches allows you to conduct audits and generate reports so your donors are always in the know. And all this is accessible from both your browser or a handy mobile app. How’s that for easy?

2) FlockBase for Membership and Contribution Management

Most churches accept contributions by members to sustain themselves. Being pivotal religious institutions, churches tend to attract a large quantity of funds. To make fund management easier, churches often need to record the personal details of its contributing members. These members then have their respective accounts through which they can donate. To maintain their credibility, it becomes critical for churches to manage these funds through trustworthy software programs.

One such solution package is FlockBase. With it, you can add, track and edit member information, contributions, funds, and pledges. It also allows you to generate fund reports for your church members to generate donation patterns as well. This system of stored information lets you never miss out on contributions promised by members.  You can always keep checks on existing members and remind them about their next contribution date. Easily organize your memberships and contributions through FlockBase to maintain impeccable church records.

3) Skedda Bookings for Church Event Management

One innovative way for churches to impart religious knowledge amongst its followers is to conduct events and plays. Through such activities, churches have a chance of successfully attracting large crowds of people. But, is it really easy to arrange events for hundreds or even thousands of people? Certainly not. For increased convenience, you can use software designed to manage church events. Skedda Bookings is one such solution.

This software is a complete event management package for churches. It offers you a variety to features to help you along every step of the way while planning events. It’s basically an online system for scheduling and reserving any sort of spaces for meetings and functions. Being fully customizable, it caters to your individual church needs. You can reserve a hall for a church congregation well in advance to avoid conflicts at a later stage. Apart from booking, it also lets you make online payments and stay updated through a mobile app! Start planning your church activities with advance space bookings today!

4) Excellerate Church Management for Volunteer Scheduling

People who believe in the mission of churches often want to go the extra mile to get involved. In order to make a difference in the world, many people therefore choose to volunteer at churches. This puts extra pressure on churches to manage their volunteers well, and make the most use of the extra resources at their disposal. Excellerate Church Management can help you do exactly this. You can use it to automate volunteer scheduling through a few simple steps.  

Dealing with volunteers involves a lot of communication. People are devoting their precious time to your cause, which is why this communication needs to be professionally handled. To make sure you convey the right time and venue for volunteer meetings, for example, Excellerate Church Management allows you to send out emails and notifications for instant updates so that everyone remains in the know. This way you can also plan ahead, as the software lets you know how many volunteers will actually turn up. Constant communication with volunteers allows you to prepare the required assets for volunteer activities as well. Another cool feature we love: You can add last minute announcements to volunteer schedules and make sure everyone stays informed!  

5) Roll Call for managing church attendance and pledges

The purpose of churches is to get as many people involved in religious activities as they can. By doing so, churches bring together a lot of people with similar interests and backgrounds. However, once you have managed to gather people at your church, how do you keep them coming every day? It’s not an easy task to retain members. You might start to notice dropouts if you don’t implement a church attendance software.

Roll Call is a software for churches which allows you to record attendance and more. With the help of this software you can create a centralized member portal for church group and class interactions. By keeping a membership database, you can help users communicate with members for different church events. A unified source of data also allows software users to supervise congregation participation too. This lets you keep a tab on active church members and saves you the hassle of doing it all manually. When you have detailed member information regarding participation, you can always tweak your church activities to enable you to win over more members. And the best part? You can track member pledges and print end of year contribution reports, all from one space!

Conclusion: Choose the software which suits you best!

Nonprofits can face considerable roadblocks on the path to success. Churches have unique functions and focus on different aspects to attract members and volunteers. Regardless of size, churches need high performance software programs to help them conduct successful operations in the most cost-effective way as possible. Now that you have an idea of the top 5 software for churches, you can select the one that best fits your noble goals!

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