Top University Degrees: Secure Your Ideal Career

Find out where the best places are to study for top universities degrees overseas, and the career prospects of each speciality.

Study Engineering

Engineering is all about finding solutions to problems using mathematical and scientific methods.

• Career Prospects

In terms of career prospects, this area of expertise is useful in a variety of industries, which are always looking for the skills and education an engineering degree provides. These skills include logical thinking and problem solving, and industries like oil & gas and manufacturing wouldn’t function without the expertise of engineers. Graduates are also turning up in the finance and banking sectors.

• Best Countries to Study this Subject in

Engineering courses are popular overseas in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. From the diverse culture of Malaysia to the low-cost living in Canada, international students are welcome to study at a variety of prestigious universities offering top engineering courses, including Imperial College London and the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Study Accounting

Accounting is a discipline requiring strong numeracy in order to understand and interpret financial data efficiently.

• Career Prospects

Why study accounting? Every right-thinking company needs an accountant, whether for financial advice or to keep the books up to date and accurate. For these reasons, a career in accounting is a prosperous one full of opportunities in a range of sectors. You can work in auditing, management, taxation and many more professional positions to do with accounting.

• Best Countries to Study this Subject in

The United Kingdom is home to four of the top 10 accounting & finance universities in the world, making it a great destination for prospective students. Singapore, Australia and Canada also offer excellent educational benefits, with institutions such as the University of Sydney and the National University of Singapore boasting great reputations for accounting & finance.

Study Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer Science and Information Technology is all about computers, how they work and their applications in the real world.

• Career Prospects

In today’s technology-driven society, more and more people have access to computers than ever before, resulting in excellent job opportunities in software development, information security and game development, to name a few specialities. Service providers, online start-ups, marketing companies and any other type of company looking to compete in the 21st century will be searching for computer science and IT graduates.

• Best Countries to Study this Subject in

Many top universities in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore offer valuable study opportunities in computer science and information technology – not least in Singapore where the Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore are located.

With a better idea of where to travel overseas for your studies, choose the destination that’s right for you and benefit from the very best education and life experiences abroad.

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