Unique Ways To Spend Your Gap Year!

Having a gap year is a great way of getting some time off before moving on to further study. After all, you have been working so hard that it’s now time to give yourself some time to rest. A Gap year is a very good time to learn some life skills and it can help you to decide what to study when you go on to University or head into work. Here are some unique ways to spend your gap year.

Volunteer at a school

If you want to spend your gap year doing something worthwhile, why don’t you go and volunteer at a school? It’s a great way of teaching children what you know and learning some essential things about looking after children. If you can’t find any in your area which you can help at, why don’t you volunteer at a school abroad.  Many schools in other countries who will be delighted that you can contribute to teach the kids a second language. Look at poorer countries which have fewer opportunities as they will be really grateful for your services.

Go on a yoga retreat

For something truly unique, a yoga retreat can be a great way for you to reevaluate everything in your life. Yoga is a great way of clearing your mind and can help get rid of any stress you may have built up during your exams. And as discussed in this article, it can help you focus on what you want in the future. Research yoga retreats in your area or you could go abroad for a truly unique experience.

Help out at an animal sanctuary

If you are a fan of animals, why not go help out a sanctuary during your gap year. There are so many sanctuaries who are struggling to be able to look after the animals on their own. You can offer your services to clean and feed the animals. Some countries such as South Africa have sanctuaries where you can help orphaned rhinos or even work with big cats or horses. It will be an unbelievable experience you will never forget. If you would still like to look after animals but can’t go somewhere far away, why not help out at a rehoming centre near you. It will be amazing to help cuddle the cats and dogs, as well as help to clean and feed them.

Become a ski instructor

Why not kickstart an unforgettable gap year by learning how to become a ski instructor. A Ski Instructor Course will help you learn the basics to coaching in a fun environment. It can take you up to four months to learn all the essentials. Once you have all the vital skills necessary, you can then find a job at a ski resort during the holiday season. It will be an amazing experience and after teaching your groups, you can hang out with the other instructors in fantastic locations.

Here are 100 more ideas for having an amazing gap year you will never forget.

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