Want to Avoid a Speeding Ticket?

We might be able to tell you how to avoid one of these occasional, unwanted pieces of paper that tell you that you owe even more money to someone. Do you want the police officer who pulls you over next time to take your side? If so, read this article to increase the chances that he or she will!

When you pass a traffic cop, wave

If you’re going five to ten over and suddenly see an officer, smile and wave to acknowledge that you’re paying attention and are going slower. Otherwise, keep a low profile and do not draw any more attention to yourself, like suddenly speeding up more or anything like that.

When their lights flash, use your turn signal

If you’re about to be pulled over, start off on the correct foot by communicating with the officer, especially if you’re somewhere where it’s too dangerous to stop right away. According to the Sales Manager at www.coachellavalleyvolkswagen, a VW dealership out of Indio, CA, this is what you should do!

If their siren goes on, pull over immediately 

Don’t look for a better place for pulling over. If the cop hits the siren, they consider it safe enough to stop here.

It’s OK to have small talk

Rambling doesn’t look good, but answering with a one-word response to all questions makes you look suspicious. Instead, engage in a quick conversation with the cop.

Be kind to the officer

Timing is important here, say something nice before the officer walks back to his or her car to check out your information.  Once they write the ticket, it’s a done deal!


We are all people, we all make mistakes, and believe it or not cops really do have compassion. If you’re speeding and you know it, apologize to the cop and say you will be more careful!

Also, another tip if you’re pulled over: If you know your registration and insurance are hidden away, wait with your hands on your steering wheel until the officer is there, and then ask to look for it.

For minor speeding (typically less than 20 miles per hour over), a cop will use their discretion as to whether to give you a ticket or let you go with just a warning. To sway the odds in your favor, apply the above tips to your situation when it occurs! They will really help you out

Choosing against speed again

There are some times of the year, like around holidays, when cops may take overtime and sit around with the purpose of distributing tickets. That unofficial buffer zone of five to ten miles per hour still applies, but try not to exceed that. And how about avoiding speeding at all? The speed limit sign exists for a reason—for the safety of all drivers. And if people honk at you for not going faster then keep in mind that is their problem, not yours; don’t speed up for them!

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