Wedding Favours: What to Give and Why?

Weddings, from the planning and preparation stages to the wedding day itself, are full of traditions that make them even more special. Passed on through the generations, these traditions include the giving and receiving of rings, not seeing the bride prior to the ceremony, the bride’s something old, new, borrowed and blue, and of course the wedding favour.

Traditional Wedding Favours

Used initially as a sign of status and wealth, and originally coming as a bag of five sugared confections (one to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life), wedding favours – or bonbonniere – were first introduced centuries ago, and remain popular around the world to this day.

While some brides and grooms still prefer traditional sugared almonds, many are now opting for other, more modern options. With a current trend towards themed weddings, many people are now combining wedding favours with table decorations and seating plans for an even more impressive theme aesthetic. As an example, an Italian couple might like to host an Italian-themed wedding, with a combination of Italian wedding favours, table decorations, and place name cards.   

Modern Wedding Favours

Today, more couples are opting against providing traditional favours, and are choosing something more fun and quirky; something different and interesting enough to be remembered years later. This gives the bride and groom a lot of creative freedom over their big day.

Some examples of modern favours given at today’s weddings include candles, mini wedding cakes, jars of jam, mini photo frames and shot glasses. Once you move away from the traditional theme, there are literally countless options to go for.

There are wedding favours available for everyone, from small and simple to big and extravagant. Regardless of the size of your budget, you will be able to find something suitable for your needs.

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