What there is to love about Melbourne?

Melbourne truly has everything, and when you get into the nitty-gritty of the city and what makes it really tick, there’ll be no doubt in your mind why it’s been voted ‘The World’s Most Liveable City’ six years in a row by The Economist. Yes, six years in a row. Surpassing incredible foreign cities like Berlin and Vancouver, Melbournians are proud of their accolade.

This once-compact Victorian state capital has boomed in recent decades – both in population and popularity – and continues to be a drawcard for both interstate and overseas travellers to touch down in.

So what makes Melbourne so damn good?

Melbourne’s pleasant rhythm, as well as being a host of seasonal activities, makes this vibrant metropolis one of the most agreeable cities in the world to live in. There are a plethora of reasons to love this vibrant city – so let’s get into just a few!

One word: coffee

Much like Al Pacino claims to know good coffee – Melbournians set their caffeine benchmark higher than even Mr Pacino himself.

Regardless of if you are in the CBD, trendy inner-city ‘burb or in a far-flung district on the outskirts of the city, you’ll be met with a litany of sources to choose from for some seriously excellent coffee.

Melbourne natives take their coffee seriously and drink a lot of it – luckily being catered for by the booming café culture located in this cosmopolitan destination.

Avoid the chain stores dotted all over the city and head to any number of the locally-owned coffee shops to get your hands on the real stuff.

Laneways and hidden treasures

When you think of Melbourne, the odds are you may picture the mysterious laneways that the city is so synonymous with.

Wandering around the city, surrounded by towering buildings, you’ll stumble across an endless number of blink-or-you’ll-miss-it laneways that definitely should not be missed.

Head to the now-famous Hosier Lane for a taste of the incredible local street art and a few envy-inducing photo opportunities. Centre Place is perfect for a tasty treat in a cosy laneway café and AC/DC Lane is a must-see for authentic live local music in a location named after one of our best bands of all time.

An endless cultural food hub

Everyone who knows anything about Melbourne knows what a cultural melting pot it is – and this, luckily, spills over into the ever-growing ‘foodie’ scene as well.

If you think that Melbournians are discerning with their coffee – just you wait for meal time.

The city and suburbs are packed to the brim with an assortment of restaurants to suit anyone and everyone.

Whether you have a hankering for spicy Indian, authentic Chinese, zingy Thai or just a traditional burger with the lot – you’ll be blown away by the extent of what’s on offer.

Dumpling houses are also big business in Melbourne these days, so head to Chinatown – nestled right in the CBD – for the most authentic variations of these yummy offerings.

Rooftop bars to rival New York City

You wouldn’t think a city like Melbourne, which is known to experience all four seasons in one day, would have a market for rooftop bars – but you’d be oh-so-wrong!

Any time of the year, it’s myriad of bars overlooking the impressive city skyline are packed with locals or visitors enjoying the summer sun or even braving themselves against the winter chill. At night, you’ll be surrounded by the twinkling city lights.

Some tried and tested favourites? Cookie on Swanton Street has stunning 360 views of the city, Mother’s Milk is raved about, and arguably the most popular rooftop bar in Melbourne, Naked in the Sky, located in uber-hip inner-city alcove Brunswick.

These are just a few of Melbourne’s endless drawcards and any visit to this energetic city definitely needs to include a taste of these reasons to love it even more.

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