Where To Go On Weekend City Breaks With A Small Budget

Taking off on a weekend break is a lot of fun, because it also allows you to decompress from all the stress you go through on a daily basis. When most people are planning to take a weekend vacation, saving money is always a priority, because you are only gone for a couple of days, and there is no point in spending a lot of money over a two day vacation. If you are thinking of going on a weekend vacation, and want to do so on a reasonable budget, here are some placed you should consider going.

#5. Stockholm.

When it comes to beauty, very few places can match the beauty of Sweden’s capital. The architecture in Stockholm is quite impressive, as well as their fashion. It is a great city to visit for a weekend, because it is a very affordable place to visit, and they have ferries, buses, and trains that can take you to the many islands.

#4. Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has been a big tourist destination for a long time, which makes it a great weekend destination. While you are there, you can visit the art galleries, the canals, and any of the other things the city is famous for, like the coffee shops. Amsterdam is really one of the few places that has something for everyone to do, and it is also a good place to visit on a budget.

#3. Vienna.

This is a great weekend vacation spot for people that enjoy art and history, because that is exactly what Vienna is known for. You can spend your weekend visiting the many museums in Austria, and take in a show or two, since they are very affordable.

#2. Edinburgh.

This old Scottish town is a big tourist attraction, because of the beauty and the surrounding landscape. It is a great weekend vacation spot, especially whenever they are having the International festival or Fringe arts festival. It is a very small place to walk around, and you can also enjoy taking in the sights at the castle, or enjoy a meal at one of their reasonably priced restaurants.

#1. Budapest.

If you want to save some money on a weekend vacation, this Hungarian town is the place to be. It is a beautiful combination of hilly historic cities and flat modern cities. One of the things that make Budapest an ideal weekend vacation spot is its top attractions, which are the baths. You can relax your mind in the warm waters of the Szechenyi Medicinal Baths, which has 18 pools, and is 102 years old.

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