Which cities are most likely to catch you in a disaster?

While protecting your home and family comes first, it is also essential to consider your business. A business can suffer a lot of damage in the event of a disaster. This can mean a temporary loss of business and cash flow to total destruction. Being prepared can give you peace of mind and security. Black Umbrella was founded by Catherine Hooper to help individuals and businesses create realistic and solid emergency preparedness plans. This means creating a disaster preparedness kit based upon each client’s unique location and needs.

Urban environments create larger concerns

Living in an urban environment during an emergency can put you at a distinct disadvantage. However, there are some cities that can lead to more dire circumstances if you find yourself in them in the event of a disaster. Here are some of the cities that rank high on this list and what you need in a disaster kit.


Seattle has the distinction of being in the eye of Mount Rainier. What most people do not realize is that this mountain is an ice-covered volcano jutting more than 14,000 feet into the air. It is also active. Seattle is also very close to Mount Baker and Mount St. Helens, putting it well within the Pacific Ring of Fire. In addition, Seattle experiences high rainfall and is on salt water, which means it is subject to water level fluctuations. While it is a major seaport, if the port is damaged, then a lot of materials and commodities could be lost.

New York City

The population density of NYC makes it a challenge for any disaster team. The latest Catherine Hooper news reports that a minor event in NYC meant that the cheapest hotel room was going for an outstanding $600 per night. Not only that, but when there is a high population density, it can be very hard to evacuate without trouble or secure supplies. When disaster strikes, it gives many retailers an excuse to hike prices up.

An island is one of the worst places to be in the event of a disaster. This is especially true if it is an island where not a lot of food is produced. Any city that relies on a lot of imports is not a good place to be in a disaster. If the supply planes and ships can’t make it, then you are stranded without supplies. If you live in a city like this, it is critical to have at least three months of supplies available at all times. A natural disaster such as volcanic activity or a tropical storm can leave island communities without resources for long periods of time.


While many people have good intentions when it comes to disaster preparedness, it is all too easy to put this aside in the midst of a busy work day. If you find that you never seem to have the time to sit down and come up with a solid plan, then you might consider consulting with a firm such as Black Umbrella. The investment is very little compared to what it could mean in the event of a disaster in your area.

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