Winter Friendly Cars

Temperatures are dropping as we approach that time of year once again, and you may have already noticed frost forming on your windshield in the early morning. Maybe you’ve started thinking about holiday shopping, upcoming winter adventures, and whether or not you need to find a new pair of snow boots before winter really sets in. Maybe what you really need to be ready for winter is a dependable, winter-friendly car.

Navigating the roads during winter months can be tough, with patches of ice, blustery snow storms, and frigid mornings. In many parts of the country, all-wheel drive is basically a necessity to get around during the winter (unless you want to be stuck inside until the plows have cleared the streets and the sun has come back out). Not only will having a winter-appropriate vehicle help keep you and your passengers safe, features like remote start and heated seats will go a long way to keeping you comfortable when temperatures dip down to freezing or below! Professionals with Dulles Chrysler Dodge and Jeep recommend purchasing a new winter-friendly vehicle sooner rather than later, so you have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with your new ride before difficult weather conditions set in. Still unsure of which vehicle you want? No worries! Check out our top picks for winter-friendly vehicles to find out which one is right for you.

For all-around winter-friendly utility: The Subaru Outback

All in all, Subaru is one of our favorite manufacturers for winter-friendly cars. With symmetrical all-wheel drive standard on almost every new Subaru vehicle, it’s tough to go wrong no matter which model you choose, and you easily navigate snowy streets even in their sporty sedans like the WRX. Overall, though, we like the Outback hatchback the best. With a higher ground clearance than most sedans, the Outback is a little more rugged in the snow, and the additional space for passengers and cargo makes it a great pick for ski trips, holiday shopping days, or packing the whole family in for the trip to Grandma’s on Thanksgiving.

For a capable family vehicle with style: The Acura MDX

If you need the passenger-space that a three-row SUV offers and want winter-worthy comfort and capability, the MDX is the vehicle for you. Acura’s available Super Handling All-Wheel Drive will have you navigating snowy streets like a pro, and keep all of your many passengers safe all winter long. What else makes the MDX great for winter? How about heated leather seats and tri-zone automatic climate control standard on all trims? If that’s not enough, opt for a higher trim or an add-on package for remote start, automatic wipers, heated steering wheel and more.

For those who want to make their own way: The Toyota Tundra

Why spend hours shoveling your driveway, or shell out cash to pay someone to plow, when you can just plow yourself? A capable pickup like the Toyota Tundra can be outfitted with a plow to make clearing your driveway quick work; Maybe you can even pick up some extra cash plowing out your neighbors! Standard features like a windshield wiper de-icer and heated exterior mirrors make the Tundra one of our favorite pickups for winter.

For the pre-owned pick: The Suzuki SX4 Hatchback

If you’re shopping on a budget and looking for a pre-owned vehicle, check out this sporty hatchback. Suzuki stopped selling new vehicles on the American market since 2013, but used models from as far back as 2006 or so are fairly easy to find and often have low miles and a reasonable price tag. A capable all-wheel-drive systems and an available six-speed manual give the SX4 impressive handling in the snow, and its compact hatchback body style is perfect for many younger drivers like teens and college students.

Don’t spend your winter stuck in a snow bank or waiting inside for the plows to clear the roads. Before the cold snap sets in and snow start flying, consider one of these winter-friendly vehicles, or find another dependable option that works for you!

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